As the Redskins have an honest-to-goodness quarterback battle raging at training camp, each day of practice there will be an updated post on what passer won the day. 

RICHMOND -- Ask three different people which quarterback played best during Wednesday's morning practice session and there would be three different answers.

Like the deep ball? Hard to ignore a beautiful pass from rookie Dwayne Haskins down the sideline to running back Byron Marshall. Only problem was Marshall dropped it. 

Like the intermediate ball? Colt McCoy was effective, and found his tight end Vernon Davis for a big gainer along the far sideline. 

Like quick play and the ability to scramble behind the line of scrimmage? Case Keenum displayed that he can move his feet as the play unfolds and keep his eyes downfield. 

Seriously, on Wednesday, no passer looked great, but nobody looked bad either. The defense also seemed to have a bit better of a day and be pushing things hard, as evidenced with a fight between the offensive and defensive lines during 11-on-11 action. Judging from incompletions and a few inaccurate days, it wasn't McCoy's best day. Still, nobody performed in a manner to impact what coaches have seen for the past week. It was just kind of a boring day. 

In the end, Wednesday was dominated by news about Trent Williams and new guys working in on the offensive line. In fact, head coach Jay Gruden wasn't even asked about the QB position during his morning press conference. That says a lot. 


QB Performance Day 6

  1. Case Keenum
  2. Dwayne Haskins
  3. Colt McCoy