As the Redskins have an honest-to-goodness quarterback battle raging at training camp, each day of practice there will be an updated post on what passer won the day. 

RICHMOND -- For the second straight practice it looked like rookie Dwayne Haskins logged the best work day of the Redskins three quarterbacks, right up until the end. In the two-minute drill work that concludes practice each day, Haskins threw a pair of interceptions. 

His work earlier was strong, however, and included one gorgeous deep ball to tight end JP Holtz. The ball hit Holtz in stride right in the hands for a walk-in score, but the backup tight end dropped the pass. After the play, head coach Jay Gruden walked over and slapped Haskins on the back, probably complimenting the pass and lamenting the result. 

McCoy didn't have any real highlight plays but the offense seemed to consistently move while he ran the offense. Again, McCoy got most of the work with the first-team offense, although Keenum started a few of the practice sessions with the first group too. 

Unfortunately for Keenum, he was the victim of one of the most athletic plays of training camp so far at the hands of The People's Corner Jimmy Moreland. 

All in all, Haskins and McCoy had better days than Keenum. He did produce a late touchdown pass, but the ball was a duck that probably would have resulted in an INT if it came against the starting defense. 

Early Tuesday morning, Gruden was asked about Haskins big day on Sunday. The coach didn't allow much praise, perhaps practicing his best poker face:

"All three of them had a good day. Not so great for our defense, but that’s the way it works. When our offense struggles it means our defense is playing good and vice versa. All three quarterbacks got into a little bit of rhythm, anticipated some throws, guys got open for them and they made plays. Dwayne did a nice job."

Day 5 QB Performance

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