As the Redskins have an honest-to-goodness quarterback battle raging at training camp, each day of practice there will be an updated post on what passer won the day. 

Before this thing gets started let's set one incredibly important parameter: Do not overreact to anything at training camp. Especially the first day of training camp. 

That said, the pattern from June's minicamp continued with Case Keenum looking like the better option at QB right now over rookie Dwayne Haskins. The wild card on Thursday, however, was Colt McCoy's introduction to the race.

McCoy missed all of the offseason work and minicamp as he suffered setbacks in his recovery from a broken leg last December. On Thursday, McCoy looked to have the strongest command of Jay Gruden's West Coast offense, but also showed his proclivity to turn the ball over too. 

Keenum played the best, even though he looked a bit rusty early in the day, including one ugly check-down miss to the flat in a 7-on-7 drill. As practice progressed he did too. 

In a two-minute drill session to end the practice, Keenum connected on a pretty deep ball to rookie Terry McLaurin that went for a touchdown. Whether or not the defensive back in coverage fell down is debatable, but the connection was pure. 

McCoy looked sharp early on and clearly, knows the play calls. His pre-snap adjustments come more often and faster than the other two QBs. In 7-on-7 drills during the middle of practice, McCoy actually got the most first team work, followed by Keenum and then Haskins got no work with the first team.


Later during 11-on-11 work, McCoy threw two interceptions, one from a lunging Josh Norman on a pretty an incredible display of athleticism. 

For Haskins, it seemed like more of the same from minicamp. On some throws, the rookie displays everything that made pro scouts drool; the big arm, the accuracy, the downfield vision. But on other spots, he's very obviously a rookie. 

Early in the practice session, Jay Gruden showed how biting his wit can be. On a play where an offensive lineman jumped early for a false start, Gruden yelled, 'that's not on you, that's on the quarterback.'

Until those slight mishaps end, it's hard to see Haskins edging out Keenum or McCoy. 

Day 1 Redskins QB Depth Chart:

  1. Case Keenum
  2. Colt McCoy
  3. Dwayne Haskins