Each year, Forbes releases a ranking of professional sports teams based on net worth.

This year, Forbes ranked the Washington Redskins as the No. 14 most valuable sports team in the world and the No. 5 ranked NFL team valued at $3.1 billion, tied with the Chicago Cubs.

The $3.1 billion evaluation is a 0% increase from 2018 when Forbes ranked the Redskins at No. 10 with the Golden State Warriors and the No. 4 NFL team overall.

The NFL continues to sit atop other sports leagues for the most teams in the top 50 with 26, followed by Major League Baseball (9), Soccer (8) and the NBA (7).

Leading the NFL and taking the top overall spot on the list is the Dallas Cowboys for the second consecutive year, valued at $5 billion.

2019 Top-10 World’s Most Valuable Sports Teams according to Forbes:

1. Dallas Cowboys, $5 billion (NFL)
2. New York Yankees, $4.6 billion (MLB)
3. Real Madrid, $4.24 billion (Soccer)
4. Barcelona, $4.02 billion (Soccer)
5. New York Knicks, $4 billion (NBA)
6. Manchester United, $3.81 billion (Soccer)
7. New England Patriots, $3.8 billion (NFL)
8. Los Angeles Lakers, $3.7 billion (NBA)
9. Golden State Warriors, $3.5 billion (NBA)
10. New York Giants, $3.3 billion (NFL)

2019 Top-5 World’s Most Valuable NFL Teams according to Forbes:

1. Dallas Cowboys, $5 billion
2. New England Patriots, $3.8 billion
3. New York Giants, $3.3 billion
4. Los Angeles Rams, $3.2 billion
5. Washington Redskins, $3.1 billion