Despite entering free agency in the bottom five when it comes to salary cap space, there was a vibe around the Redskins that they were going to be aggressive.

Well, on Monday, they were aggressive.

Washington went out and struck an agreement with ex-Giants safety Landon Collins on a reported six-year deal. The defensive back is expected to receive $45 million guaranteed, with the full contract carrying a value of up to $84 million.

NBC Sports Washington's JP Finlay confirmed the news.

It's a TON of cash, both up front and through its entirety, but Collins looks like the kind of defender worth splurging for. 

Collins, just 25 years old, played in 59 of 64 contests for New York and lines up at a position that Washington badly needed to address — and has needed to address for a decade-plus. He's an excellent tackler and obviously has had plenty of success in the NFC East, too.

Now, Collins isn't a perfect player; he's superb in the box but is known to be flawed in coverage, so the team will have to pair him with someone who can help mitigate that issue. However, the pros of bringing him in far outweigh the cons.

The move can't be official until Wednesday at 4 p.m. Until then, expect to see the Redskins move other players around to create the money needed to complete the signing.


Washington's defense is loaded with Alabama players in their front-seven. With the addition of Collins, the team now gets a talented one in the secondary. Perhaps he can be the piece that elevates what was an average unit in 2018 into the top-third of the NFL.