Washington Football

Washington Football

When the Redskins drafted Terry McLaurin in last year's third round, the expecation was that they'd use his elite skills on special teams — analysts raved about what he did in that area for Ohio State — while slowly working him in on offense.

Naturally, that thought delighted Washington's special teams coach Nate Kaczor. Who wouldn't love a blazing fast and unselfish guy on their unit to help down punts and drop returners?

Unfortunately, Kaczor never really got his hands on McLaurin, thanks to how quickly the rookie blossomed at wideout. And during a Tuesday Zoom call with reporters, the top assistant gave a spot-on analogy for how he felt about the situation.

"That would be like getting a Christmas present and just when you opened it, your brother snatches it from you and you never get it back," he said.

Kaczor explained that right when he saw McLaurin haul in a 70-yard touchdown in the team's opener against the Eagles, he understood where McLaurin's future would be — and it wasn't as a gunner or a tackler.

"It was humorous how fast that happened," Kaczor said. "Right off the bat."


It wasn't a shock to see Kaczor act so good-natured about the whole scenario (he's the kind of person who'd get a flat tire from a loose nail on the road and check to see if the nail was OK). To him, meanwhile, it wasn't a shock to see McLaurin flourish.


"Obviously with Terry, his makeup just as a football player, his character, his effort, intelligence, speed, the fact that that happened doesn't surprise anybody," Kaczor said. "So I was really happy for our football team and I was really happy for Terry."

In the end, according to Kaczor, that kind of outcome is exactly what he's looking for with all of the pros he oversees.

"What I tell our players is that special teams is a great way to start your career and extend your career if you're not starting," he said. "Ultimately, I want all these guys to become starters on offense or defense and play a long time."