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Redskins training camp practice report, Day 10

Rich Tandler for NBC Sports Washington

Redskins training camp practice report, Day 10

RICHMOND—Camp rolls on with the 10th session from the Bon Secours training center. Follow along and refresh often as this page will be updated often.

—It’s going to be another hot one with the temps reaching 90 before this one is over. I’ll try to keep the live reports rolling as long as I can but I’m predicting some overheating issues before we’re done.

—It’s not surprising that they are not in pads today. After a rough couple of days, they are going to be less physical today. They likely will go easy tomorrow as well before heading to New England for their preseason game on Thursday.

—In 11 on 11, there was a broken coverage. Alex Smith held on to the ball for an extra beat and he found Vernon Davis wide open in a hole in the middle of the defense. Not sure who blew to coverage but It’s something they will need to take a look at.

—After taking a big hit from Ryan Anderson yesterday, T.J. Clemmings is not on the field today. Don’t know if his absence is tied to the hit. 

—The lines are still relatively physical after the tough practices the last two days.

—Gruden got heated when a huddle led by Kevin Hogan was ambling up to the line of scrimmage. No profanity but the coach was very vocal. I’d like to see more of that; the pace of practice is usually on the slow side. 

—Among those on the kickoff return team—Moreau, Vigil, Pete Robertson, returners Greg Stroman and Danny Johnson. Maurice Harris and Trey Quinn were the returners the second time around.

—Good pass and grab by Smith and Rob Kelley in seven on seven. Kelley was going full speed over the middle and Smith hit him in perfect stride. 

—I should have mentioned earlier that Josh Doctson is not practicing. It is unlikely that we will see him before Saturday. 

—Danny Johnson jumped a route and picked off Colt McCoy’s pass. Good defense against what was not a bad throw.

—Jordan Reed made a couple of catches in traffic in 11 on 11. If you didn’t know his history you’d be talking a big year for him. But we know his history. 

—Smith scrambled and Vernon Davis reacted well,finding a soft spot in the defense. But the TE dropped the pass. The QB said Davis’ name like Senfield says “Newman!” Not happy.

—Easy touchdown from about 10 yards out, Smith to Jeremy Sprinkle. 

—Bad exchange from Smith to Derrius Guice, ball goes on the ground. 

—Next play it’s a Smith bullet to Reed in the back of the end zone for a TD.

—As I thought, the iPad has overheated and it needs to be shut down. That means the end of live practice reports for today. When I can get back to the tent I’ll update with some more notes if anything noteworthy happens.


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Washington WR Kelvin Harmon hopes his comeback season is similar to Adrian Peterson's

Washington WR Kelvin Harmon hopes his comeback season is similar to Adrian Peterson's

Washington's wide receiver depth took a crucial blow on Tuesday, when rising second-year pass-catcher Kelvin Harmon announced he had surgery last week to repair a torn ACL, and thus, will miss the 2020 season.

However, rather than dwelling on his current status, Harmon took to Twitter to say he's already focused on his comeback season in 2021. And luckily for the wideout, there's someone in the team's locker room he can look to for support on how to overcome the devastating knee injury, as well as how to come back even better than before.

What Harmon is referring to is current Washington running back Adrian Peterson's 2012 season, when the now 35-year-old was the suiting up for the Minnesota Vikings. In Week 16 of the 2011 season, Peterson ruptured his ACL (ironically at FedEx Field), leaving many to wonder if the running back would ever return to the dominant form he was prior to the injury.

Yet, the future Hall of Famer fully recovered from his ACL injury in less than eight months, missing no regular-season games in the process. Peterson then put together the best season of his career, rushing for 2,097 yards (just eight short of Eric Dickerson's NFL single-season record) and 12 touchdowns while leading Minnesota to the playoffs.

Additionally, Peterson earned MVP honors that season, which is the last time a non-QB has taken home the award.


Prior to Tuesday's announcement, Harmon was poised for a breakout second season with Washington. The wideout came onto the scene late for Washington as a rookie, notching 23 of his 30 catches a season ago after Dwayne Haskins became the starting quarterback.

Plus, Harmon had earned plenty of praise from his teammates this offseason and was expected to compete for the team's No. 2 pass-catcher opposite of Terry McLaurin.


For Harmon, returning with a 2012 Peterson-like season next year is a high bar to set for himself, especially since the running back's effort that year was one of the best single-seasons by an individual in the league's history.

But perhaps by having Peterson by his side, Harmon can snag a few tips from the running back to set himself up for a stellar 2021 season in Washington.

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Kevin Blackistone on Dan Snyder: 'He’s either got to change the name or get out of the league'

Kevin Blackistone on Dan Snyder: 'He’s either got to change the name or get out of the league'

Following Washington's statement on Monday that the current team name would be retired, The Washington Post Columnist and ESPN panelist Kevin Blackistone shared his problems with the release on Twitter.

On Monday during an interview on ESPN 92.9FM's Jason & John Show, Blackistone elaborated on the issues he took with the statement.

“My first thought was ‘Where’s the apology?’ My second thought was, ‘This is disingenuous because you still got the letterhead on here with the name just glaring,'" Blackistone said.

Blackistone, who is also a professor at the University of Maryland, had mentioned the non-existent apology in his tweet. The fact that the team name and logo which are being retired were still used in a release describing the change that was coming made him believe that the team truly didn't care. That is something Blackistone feels became even more evident when one considers how the new team name is being chosen.

Among all the options for Washington's moniker -- which is meant to honor the heritage and tradition of the franchise -- that have been considered, Blackistone noted that to his knowledge the Native American community has reportedly not been involved much in the decision.

"And my third thought was, ‘What do you have to say about the name that you’re considering given that you haven’t even given voice to, or given an ear to, the native folks who you’ve insulted since buying the team 21 years ago and having the opportunity to do this before,'" Blackistone said.


Blackistone was not along in taking issue with the statement. The Sports Junkies felt it answered no questions, ESPN's Michael Wilbon called it "annoying" and "tone-deaf" and ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio saw it as "one final act of defiance" by team owner Dan Snyder

The combination of all the missing elements from the statement made it less impactful for Blackistone. Despite it being a big moment, there wasn't much to take away from the team's announcement


That's something that Blackistone believes comes from the reasoning behind the name change in the first place. Washington has heard the backlash about the name for years, but it wasn't until big-name sponsors took issue that impacted the monetary situation of the league that real moves were made. Blackistone sees that as a symbol that Snyder's decision to change the name has nothing to do with right vs. wrong.

“There’s nothing altruistic about what’s going on," Blackistone said about Snyder. "He’s being forced at the point of bayonets to change the team.”

“Basically sponsors, not individual team sponsors, but sponsors for the team via the NFL," Blackistone said. "Which means, now it’s just not your pockets, but the other 31 owners pockets that are starting to be hurting. That’s why the move is being made." 

All Blackistone had to do to understand Snyder's true opinion on the name change is look back to what the owner has said about the situation in the past. The only difference to Blackistone now is that if Snyder continued to speak in the same manner, some believe it would result in Snyder losing the team.

“This is a guy who seven years ago infamously said he would never change the name, and you could put ‘never’ in caps," Blackistone said. Well, never has come home to roost and he’s either got to change the name or get out of the league.”