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Redskins vs. Panthers: The good, the bad, and the ugly

Redskins vs. Panthers: The good, the bad, and the ugly

The Redskins needed a win in the worst way in Week 6 against the Carolina Panthers.

After a dreadful performance in primetime last week, Washington entered FedEx Field looking for a bounceback performance and a win to push them to 3-2. 

With Jamison Crowder and Chris Thompson inactive against the Panthers, the Redskins will need everyone to step up. That's what happened, as the offense, defense and special teams stepped up and held on en route to a 23-17 win, putting the Redskins in first place in the NFC East.

Here is what Rich Tandler saw on Sunday.

Note that this post is updated after every quarter, come back and refresh the page to get the latest. 

Redskins vs. Panthers: Good, Bad, & Ugly


GOOD: The Redskins got a good break after they went three and out on their first possession. Sean Dion Hamilton and Zach Vigil forced a fumble and Jeremy Sprinkle recovered at the Panthers 22. On the next play,

Vernon Davis was wide open for a 22-yard touchdown.

BAD: The Washington rushing defense needed some time to dig in. Christian McCaffrey bolted for runs of nine and eight yards on his first two carries and Cam Newton gained four on his first carry.

UGLY: Cam Newton’s passing early in the first quarter. He held on to the ball for too long and his pass attempts didn’t give his receivers a chance. He was heating up as the first quarter ended.


GOOD: Apparently Josh Norman had to hit rock bottom to rebound. In the second quarter, he got his first interception in 19 games.

Later on, he punched the ball out of D.J. Moore’s arm and Mason Foster made the recovery. The second one led to a Redskins field goal to give the home team a 17-0 lead.

BAD: The Redskins defense after they scored on the field goal. Cam Newton was finding wide open receivers wherever he wanted to go. He also took off up the middle for a 13-yard run. The Panthers kept on going until they got into the end zone on a 22-yard pass from Newton to Devin Funchess.

UGLY:: Newton’s pass that Norman intercepted. It was an ugly, dead duck from the moment it left his hand.


GOOD: Not much for the home team, other than the fact that they held on to their lead at 17-9 at the end of the third quarter.

BAD: The Redskins didn’t do much defensively to bail out their coach after he went for it on fourth down and failed. They gave Newton wide-open targets and the let Newton gallop for big chunks of yards a couple of times. They did manage to hold Carolina to a field goal to make it an eight-point game with time running down in the third quarter.

UGLY: The Redskins had a nice drive going with their first possession of the quarter but Alex Smith misfired on passes on third and fourth down and the ball was turned over on downs at the Carolina 38.


GOOD: A nice Redskins drive died at the Carolina 38 early in the quarter. Dustin Hopkins came in and boomed a career-long 56-yard field goal. That gave the Redskins a little bit of breathing room at 20-9.

BAD: The defense again couldn’t stop Newton. The Panthers had mostly abandoned the run except for Newton scrambles. After Hopkins’ field goal Newton was able to pick his targets at his leisure. When he was rushed, he scrambled.

It was an effortless drive and Newton went to Torrey Smith for both the touchdown and the two-point conversion that made it 20-17.

UGLY: The Washington defense on the Panthers’ final drive. They couldn’t get much pressure on Newton and receivers had time to get plenty of separation. The moved easily from their own 15 to midfield.

A few more plays moved it down to the Washington 24. It didn’t end ugly, though, as Cam Newton’s four-down pass fell incomplete and the Redskins held on.


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      The Redskins' free agency strategy nets more 2019 compensatory picks than expected

      USA TODAY Sports

      The Redskins' free agency strategy nets more 2019 compensatory picks than expected

      It's a very small consolation, but on Friday, the Redskins finally picked up their compensatory third-round pick for losing Kirk Cousins in free agency last year.

      That's not the only new selection they now have in their arsenal for the 2019 NFL Draft, though.

      In addition to that third-rounder, Washington also netted a fifth-rounder, a sixth-rounder and a seventh-rounder, too. The four picks is a bit of a surprise, as most expected the Burgundy and Gold would be awarded with only three.

      Bruce Allen has explained in the past how the 'Skins value compensatory picks, which teams receive based on the contracts their own free agents sign with new franchises. Last offseason, the Redskins saw Cousins, Ryan Grant, Spencer Long and Trent Murphy all cash in on the open market.

      In total, Washington now has nine picks in the upcoming draft, with two each in the third, fifth and seventh rounds. They traded away their fourth-round spot for Ha Ha Clinton-Dix.

      Losing homegrown players like Cousins and Co. is certainly not ideal, but by letting those types of guys depart, the Redskins do set themselves up for more swings in April. 

      That part of the strategy has paid off. The next step? Making those picks count. 


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      Intense doesn't even begin to describe this video of Derrius Guice on the treadmill


      Intense doesn't even begin to describe this video of Derrius Guice on the treadmill

      For most humans, a workout on the treadmill consists of the following steps:

      1) Get on with plans of running at a high speed for a long time. 

      2) Realize three minutes in that you have no interest in running either at a high speed or for a long time because running on a treadmill is really one of the more awful things you can subject yourself to on this planet.

      3) Get off.

      On Friday, though, Derrius Guice shared something on Twitter that shows his attitude toward the treadmill is very different from most humans.


      Judging by the speed and tilt of the machine, the Redskins' second-year RB turned every setting on that thing to its maximum number. Even the obnoxious overachievers at your gym don't have the courage to go above level 8.

      Honestly, he's going so hard that you almost feel bad for the treadmill. Someone get that treadmill into an ice bath ASAP. 

      Earlier this week, Guice provided an update on his comeback from a torn ACL, saying he's still "strong as an ox" and "getting it back." If this is what it looks like when he's "getting it back," what's it going to be like when he's fully gotten it back?