The Redskins won an abitration hearing against former General Manager Scot McCloughan, a source with knowledge of the situation confirmed. 

The team fired McCloughan in March of 2017, and a few months later he filed a grievance with the NFL for payment of the remaining $2.8 million on his contract. Shortly after McCloughan's removal, stories emerged about alcohol abuse both in radio and print. The personnel man was hired in 2015 amid much fanfare. 

The arbitration decision is considered final, and presents McCloughan with no avenue for appeal. The Washington Post first reported the news. 

McCloughan was fired by the Redskins in March 2017 with 22 months remaining on his deal. He's now running his own scouting firm and did consultant work with the Cleveland Browns before the 2018 NFL Draft.

Before coming to Washington, McCloughan worked in the San Francisco and Seattle front offices. He found success with both teams, but left both teams amid speculation of personal turmoil.

With the Redskins, McCloughan's team found relative success with back-to-back winning seasons in 2015 and 2016 and an NFC East title in 2015.