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The Redskins won't pursue Jalen Ramsey and that makes sense

The Redskins won't pursue Jalen Ramsey and that makes sense

Jalen Ramsey requested a trade from the Jaguars Monday night, and within seconds, thousands of Twitter GMs were working on trades. Plenty of them involved the Redskins too.

Here’s the problem with Twitter GMs - they aren’t real GMs.

The Redskins won't be involved in the Ramsey sweepstakes, and that's the right move.

Do the Redskins have a need at cornerback? Yes. Josh Norman has had a tough start to the season and Quinton Dunbar has already missed a game with a leg injury. Ramsey would come in and help the group right away.

That said, there’s more to the story.

Since Jacksonville emerged as a strong defense in 2017, Ramsey also has emerged as one of the most provocative and outspoken players in the league. It was one thing when he called most of the quarterbacks in the league bad, but things took a turn when he got into a shouting match with his head coach last Sunday. Jags boss Doug Marrone might have been wrong, but yelling at a head coach during a game rarely ends well.

Add in the fact that Ramsey is in the last year of his rookie deal and next year will play under the fifth-year option, and it’s easy to see the star cornerback wanting a new contract. In fact that seems nearly inevitable.

Ramsey has been vocal about teams he would like to land on, and the Redskins never made the list. He shares an agent with Landon Collins but that doesn’t seem likely to alter his prospects.

There’s also the matter of compensation.

If the Jaguars even do trade Ramsey, they will want a lot back. Whether they want to admit it or not, the Redskins are working through a rebuild.

The organization absolutely should not be giving up draft picks at this point, even for a talent like Ramsey. Keep in mind too that Washington already lost their 2020 second round pick as part of the deal to move up and select Montez Sweat near the back end of the first round in 2019. Another thing to remember, with the big money spent to bring in Collins, it seems unlikely the Redskins will net more compensatory draft picks this offseason.

ESPN reported the Jags want at least a first-round pick for Ramsey, and probably more than that. The Redskins can’t pay that cost. Or anywhere close to that frankly.

There was one other scenario.

The Redskins have their own disgruntled player that wants out of town in Trent Williams. Could a Williams for Ramsey swap have worked?


Williams is a star in his own right, but he’s 31 and has dealt with a slew of injuries over the last few seasons. He also wants a new contract with a bunch of guaranteed cash.

The seven-time Pro Bowl left tackle is definitely a desirable piece on the trade market, but Ramsey probably commands more than Williams. The cornerback is only 24.

Williams and a pick could have maybe worked, but again, the Redskins absolutely should not be giving up picks.

Ramsey will get traded. It won't be to the Redskins. Sorry if that’s not much fun on Twitter.


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Week 11 results that would help the Redskins in their race for the 2020 first overall pick

Week 11 results that would help the Redskins in their race for the 2020 first overall pick

The Redskins didn't play in Week 10 but find themselves in a better position to snatch the No. 1 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft entering Week 11. That is thanks in large part to a shocking Sunday that saw bottom-dwellers like the Dolphins, Jets and Falcons all pick up victories.

As of now, Washington holds the second pick in the draft and sits just a game back of the winless Bengals. However, wins by the other teams give the Redskins at least a one-game advantage on those behind them.

So, with six weeks remaining in the 2019 regular season, that first overall pick is still very much in play. 

The Redskins matchup this week can go a long way in determining how the draft order eventually plays out. Going up against the Jets, Sunday's game could be one of the last games this season in which a win by Washington wouldn't be all that surprising. After an abysmal showing two weeks ago against the Dolphins, the Jets looked much better in a win over the Giants. Still, New York's inconsistency over the season puts them on the same level of the Redskins.

When looking at the matchup from a draft perspective, it would actually be better for the Redskins to lose. A loss would keep them close to the Bengals, and even allow them to jump if the Bengals were to pick up a win. Additionally, beating the Jets would then give New York the advantage over Washington if the two finished the season with the same amount of wins.

However, it is understandably difficult to root for your team to lose a football game, no matter how poorly the season is going. A win for Washington has its benefits as well, particularly because it would potentially mean rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins showed signs of improvement and development as he prepares to start the rest of the year. Win or lose, there will be something good to come out of Sunday's game.

As for the rest of the action around the league, here's what could help the Redskins get closer to the first pick.

Bengals beat Raiders

Switching to rookie quarterback Ryan Finley didn't seem to help the Bengals at all as a 49-13 loss to the Ravens dropped them to 0-9. On both sides of the football, the Bengals just don't look like they have enough to match or compete with anyone.

Week 11 won't be any easier, as the Raiders are a team that is finding its footing as the season continues. At this point, the Bengals winning seems far-fetched even after all the upsets that just took place, but Redskins fans should be pulling for that far fetched results to happen anyway.

Dolphins stay hot and defeat the Bills

Miami, somehow, is on a two-game winning streak. That seems like a sentence that doesn't belong in 2019. Yes, the latest victory was against a Brian Hoyer-led Colts team, but Ryan Fitzpatrick and company are playing decently and have some confidence heading into a battle with Buffalo. 

Though the Bills are the superior team, Buffalo's offense has not clicked much in recent weeks. In the Miami heat, crazier things have happened.

Falcons build off shocking upset to take down Panthers

No game may have been more surprising than the one in which the 1-7 Falcons went into New Orleans and totally outmatched the 7-1 Saints. If that same team somehow shows up against the Panthers this weekend, there's no reason to think Atlanta won't extend its winning streak to two.

Other things to monitor

The Giants jumped from sixth to third in the draft order after losing to the Jets and are now in serious consideration for the first pick. However, a bye this week means New York can't really do much to benefit anyone else.

As for three-win teams like the Browns, Buccaneers, Broncos, Cardinals and Lions, the Redskins still hold two-game leads over all of them. So wins or losses by those squads won't immediately impact Washington's standing, though wins would make things easier for the Redskins down the stretch.


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Here are three things to look for from Derrius Guice in his return from injured reserve

Here are three things to look for from Derrius Guice in his return from injured reserve

Dwayne Haskins isn't the only young and important Redskin making his FedExField debut this Sunday against the Jets.

Derrius Guice, who was activated off of injured reserve last week, will be appearing in front of Washington's fans for the first time as well. His three previous times on an NFL field came in New England, Atlanta and Philadelphia. 

Now, it's difficult to come up with expectations for Guice versus New York, considering it's unknown how he'll split time with Adrian Peterson and how much responsibility the coaching staff wants to give him in his first action since Week 1.

However, while setting specific numbers is a bit foolish, it's definitely worth asking: What kinds of things should the Redskins and their fans want to see from Guice on Sunday?

This list of three things feels like a fair place to start.

1) Finishing the afternoon healthy

This is the most simple and also the most critical thing Guice can do in Week 11.

The second-year pro has suited up for two preseason contests and one regular season affair. In the first of those three, he tore his ACL. In the third of those three, he tore his meniscus.

At this point, there are questions as to whether Guice can be relied upon in the Burgundy and Gold's future, or whether he's too injury-prone. Those questions aren't going to be completely answered by one healthy showing, but they will fade away with each performance he starts and finishes.

2) Delivering blows to defenders

Haskins and Guice haven't been around each other a ton, but the quarterback already has a feel for what the running back can offer the offense.

"Very tough runner," Haskins said of Guice on Wednesday. "He's hard to bring down with the first tackle."

In Guice's albeit limited reps carrying the ball for the Redskins, he has displayed a willingness to take on defenders and initiate contact. There may only be a few chances to look for that in the Jets matchup because of Peterson's presence and a potential light workload, but still, there will be chances.

If Guice is willing to dish out punishment, even coming off his second knee surgery in the league, that means he's feeling like himself. And if he's feeling like himself, his opponents will be feeling like not tackling him.

3) Contributing in the passing game

One area where Guice might be able to operate without losing time to Peterson is in the passing attack. Jay Gruden was always high on what No. 29 can do there, and while Gruden and Bill Callahan have coached the Redskins quite differently, they intersect on that point.

"Prior to his injury, he was doing really well in the passing game," Callahan said Wednesday. "Being able to flex him out, move him, motion him, shift him into those various alignments where we can create a matchup with it. He's been productive as a screen back, a check-down back."

Pay attention to whether Guice is moved around in the ways Callahan mentioned, which would be a nice, creative addition to the offense. Also see if he's able to generate a chunk play or two off of a screen or check-down. 

Peterson is a legend, obviously, but if he's not getting handoffs, he's not doing much. Guice, meanwhile, per his coaches, can be effective as a receiver as well as a runner, a skillset that'll hopefully reveal itself soon.