April 1st comes every year with a somber reminder of a life taken far too early. April 1st marks Sean Taylor's birthday, and Wednesday would have been his 37th. 

Of course Taylor was tragically murdered in November 2007 while at home defending his family from an armed robbery. The story is so sad, but birthdays are meant for celebration, so let's remember the incredible football player Taylor was. 

He only played four seasons in the NFL, all with Washington, but in those four seasons he made an indelible impact on Redskins fans and the sporting world. 

You're missed ST21. The below plays are presented in no particular order, rather just a way to remember greatness.

1) Taylor brings the wood to Terrell Owens

2) Remember this FG-block return that resulted in a win over the Cowboys?

3) Eagles wideouts were always scared of 21.

4) Two picks of Brett Favre in one game. Favre is in Canton. Taylor would have been.

5) Imagine being a rookie, and being able to run with Randy, and being able to out-Moss Randy Moss. Imagine that.

Thanks to Warren Sharp for many of the video clips - for the full thread click here

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