Redskins defensive tackle Jonathan Allen suffered a knee sprain Sunday in Philadelphia but told fans that he’s fine after the game. 

Washington head coach Jay Gruden said after the game that Allen will be week to week following the sprain. On Monday morning, however, NFL Network reported that Allen specifically sprained his MCL and will undergo an MRI to be sure there was no major damage to the knee.

When the injury happened things looked bad, as Allen threw his helmet in frustration while walking with Redskins medical personnel towards the sideline. He then went into the locker room. 

Without him on the field, the Redskins defense fell apart, including giving up three straight touchdowns in the second half of a 32-27 loss to the Eagles. 

Before Washington fans freak out too much consider that MRIs are fairly standard in the NFL, and they usually happen about 24 hours after an injury to allow for swelling to go down. 

Watching Allen on the sideline in Philadelphia after the injury, he seemed like he wanted back in the game. Doctors would not allow it. 

One other thing to remember, however, comes from the late, great Rich Tandler: Never listen to a player’s diagnosis of their own injury. Wait for the medical results. 

It sounds like that’s exactly what the Redskins are doing.