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Report: NFL to allow individual teams to determine attendance capacity limits

Washington Football

The NFL will not place a capacity limit on attendance for teams in the 2020 season, according to a report by The Athletic on Tuesday. Teams will be allowed to determine their own capacity limits beginning with preseason in August.

In deciding those limits, clubs will be required to follow local health and social distancing guidelines in regards to COVID-19. But because rules vary between states, some teams could be left at a competitive disadvantage.

"Attendance will be a state-by-state, county-by-county thing," an anonymous NFL source told The Athletic. "It will not be a one size fits all."


Under these rules, it's possible some teams could have crowds near regular capacity, while others could be at half or less. Crowd noise is considered one of the biggest homefield advantages, and while the best homefields are often determined by fan engagement, this adds another variable to the equation.

The Pittsburgh Steelers, for instance, known for having one of the best fanbases, are only selling half of their individual game tickets for the 2020 season. A team spokesperson said it was a "proactive" move to prepare for social distancing scenarios.

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