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Report: NFL preseason to be cut in half for 2020

Report: NFL preseason to be cut in half for 2020

The NFL preseason will be cut from four games down to two for the 2020 season, Pro Football Talk reported on Wednesday.

The two games being dropped from the schedule are Week 1 and Week 4 of the preseason, according to Pro Football Talk, For the Redskins, this means the team will no longer play the Tennesee Titans or Baltimore Ravens.

The Indianapolis Colts and Jacksonville Jaguars will remain on the schedule. Both of those games are on the road, however, the league is currently working on retooling the schedule so that each team plays one game at home and one on the road, ESPN's Kevin Seifert reported

The decision to limit the number of preseason games is the latest measure taken by the league to try and keep players safe and healthy amid the coronavirus pandemic to ensure that a regular season will be played. Still, plenty of questions about how teams will operate once training camp begins at the end of July remain.


For some, the slimming down of the preseason is something that has been requested for years. Two fewer games limit the chances for injury prior to the regular season. However, for others deep down the roster, it is a lost opportunity to take in valuable snaps.


Redskins rookies and fringe-roster players need the preseason as a way to grow comfortable in the system and show that they are deserving of playing time. The same could be said for quarterback Dwayne Haskins, who can use as many additional reps as possible as he enters year No. 2 with a new offensive coordinator and new weapons.

In 2020, there will be less time to make that happen.

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Let's make fun of everyone who's making fun of FedEx Field being empty in 2020

Let's make fun of everyone who's making fun of FedEx Field being empty in 2020

Did you hear the one about how FedEx Field being empty in 2020 will actually be the same as recent years, because not many fans have been showing up to the stadium lately anyways? 

Well, if you were on Twitter at all on Wednesday, then yes, you heard that one. Then you heard it some more. And after that, you kept hearing it. 

The best part, of course, is that it got funnier every time you came across it, too. 

Like, the first time you saw something like this, you chuckled to yourself:

Nailed it, Raj!

But then, when you happened upon another version of that totally original joke, such as the following from Kevin, you legit laughed out loud:

And just when you thought it couldn't get ANY BETTER, someone else dropped a comedic HAMMER on you:

Hahahahahahahahaha. That is the GOOD STUFF right there.

Wait. Forget the good stuff. Dev is over here chiming in with the GREAT STUFF: 

Then there's Karl — good ole, quick-witted Karl — who just brought the house down with this one-liner:

Karl always comes through, man. 

As 106.7 The Fan's Chad Dukes pointed out, these people should all be shamed. Maybe Twitter can suspend their accounts, too, or just outright ban them.

Is FedEx Field a wild environment? Nope. Has the attendance for Washington Football Team games been well below average in the late 2010s? You bet.

Neither of those facts, however, excuse the thousands of brilliant super-geniuses from recycling the same, played-out zing over and over again in reaction to the empty stadium news. But at least they all got one or two likes from other brilliant super-geniuses for their efforts.



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How fishing — yep, fishing — may be helping Terry McLaurin improve as a wideout

How fishing — yep, fishing — may be helping Terry McLaurin improve as a wideout

This interview between Terry McLaurin and Sports Illustrated's Conor Orr contains solid info on why he views himself as a No. 1 receiver in the NFL and how he's seen Dwayne Haskins' attitude change over the past few months. That stuff is all certainly worth noting.

The more interesting angle, however, is that McLaurin — who is not only someone who gets seasick from time to time but is also a guy who's ALLERGIC TO SEAFOOD — has really taken up fishing this offseason. And he actually believes the new hobby can help him produce on Sundays.

Yes, that all sounds crazy. But if you allow him to explain it, it soon becomes difficult not to buy in at least a little bit.

“You can be out there all day and not get a bite,” McLaurin told Orr. “And in my line of work, you can be working for your opportunity and it may never come or it may not be the opportunity you thought. It doesn’t mean you quit working hard, whether that’s catching a fish or catching a touchdown.”


That's the primary lesson he's picked up while out on the water lately, and it's something that will help his focus and patience moving forward in Washington's offense. 

By the way, for those concerned fans of the team who are about to ask, no, McLaurin does not keep what he snags on his line. He's either thrown back or passed off the roughly 20 fish he's hauled in this summer, meaning that seafood allergy of his has been kept at bay. 

So, though his quote above shows a key similarity between fishing and football, that particular fact highlights the major difference. On a boat, he doesn't keep what he catches. His teammates, supporters and opponents know the opposite is true when he's on the field.