Report: Redskins 'listening' to calls about trading back from the No. 2 overall pick


The Redskins likely intend to take Chase Young with the No. 2 overall pick in Thursday's NFL Draft, but as the event draws closer, the team has begun getting calls from other clubs looking to move up, according to a report from NFL Network

As seasoned NFL Fans know the draft contains more subterfuge than social media-based political accounts. Often messages are intended to distract or confuse another team, or maybe, in this case, to drum up interest. 

A few things are clear though:

  • The Redskins don't look to be in the market for a quarterback with the second pick, and it will likely require a QB-needy team to trade up.
  • Miami needs a quarterback and Miami has the draft capital to make a move and not even blink. The Dolphins hold three first-round picks in this year's draft and a package of their 5th overall selection and another first combined with more picks later in the draft could probably get a deal done with Washington. 
  • The Redskins don't hold a second-round pick, something Ron Rivera called a "burden" during the NFL Scouting Combine. 
  • Rivera talked about trading down earlier this month and the coach didn't seem particularly into the idea. His biggest point was to not trade down to just accumulate more picks, but rather to get a player of the same value. Coincidence or not, Rivera did specifically say "When you’re in the first five spots, those have to be immediate impact guys." Well, Miami holds the fifth pick and most assume an elite defensive prospect could be had there, including stud cornerback Jeff Okudah from Ohio State.

The above items are clear. What isn't clear is what teams are calling the Redskins. 

It could certainly be Miami, but it could be a dozen other clubs. It's also not clear why they're calling. 

Laying groundwork could mean other clubs want to know the cost to make the move, and once they hear the Redskins price tag, the phone call ends quickly. Those phone calls, however, could also end with a "OK, let's check things out from our side and get back to you."

The best trade to look at as a guide likely comes from the Eagles acquisition of the Browns second overall pick in 2016. To move up and draft Carson Wentz, Philadelphia sent the 8th overall pick along with their third and fourth-round pick that year, a first-rounder in 2017 and a second-rounder in 2018 to Cleveland in return for the 2nd overall selection.

Did the Eagles give up a lot? Yes, but they got their franchise quarterback. 


Would Washington do a similar deal, particularly if it's Miami and the fifth overall pick is there? That type of haul would go a long way towards Rivera's roster rebuild. 

It's draft season. As Redskins legend Brian Mitchell likes to call it, it's lying season. This could mean absolutely nothing and the coronation of Chase Young to the Redskins happens as planned Thursday night. 

But with about 72 hours until draft night, this won't be the last trading rumor that gets reported. Buckle up. 

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