GREEN BAY -- After taking a series of big hits in the first half Redskins rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins limped off the field at halftime, but came back out and played the entire second half.

The FOX broadcast of the game reported that Haskins was playing with a sprained ankle. At times, it was obvious Haskins was having trouble planting on his right foot and getting enough force to drive the football down the field. He also looked slow in the pocket and unable to use his normal mobility. 

Haskins got sacked three times in the first half and took another sack in the second half. He also took a series of big hits after the ball was thrown. 

There were multiple situations where backup QB Case Keenum was warming up on the sideline, but Haskins stayed in the game. His numbers for the game weren't impressive, but Haskins showed serious grit and perseverance for staying in the game. 

Stay tuned for postgame updates on Haskins' status.