The Redskins don't intend to trade Trent Williams unless an offer blows them away. 

The newest report, however, says that Williams will return to the Redskins before Week 10 if he's not traded. Coming back before Week 10 will allow the 2019 season to count towards Williams' contract, which has two years remaining.

Here's the catch; even if Williams comes back, he still might not play. 

From ">Ian Rapoport of NFL Network: "The tentative plan for Trent Williams is to show up before Week 10 when he has to show up to get an accrued season. He still may not play for them, as he has to nurse himself back to full health, of course. But at the very least, that's the tentative plan."

It seems logical that some members of Williams' camp spoke with Rapoport, and it's interesting to include the information about nursing himself back to full health. Remember that part of Williams' holdout centers around mistrust with the Redskins medical staff. 

The guess here is Williams is coming back to get one year closer to free agency, or even just to hasten his exit from the Redskins organization. Williams won't play, and there is really nothing the team can do to force him on the field.