All of Redskins Park held their breath when Reuben Foster went down with a significant leg injury during the first week of OTAs. NBC Sports Washington's JP Finlay confirmed the severity of the injury to Foster's left knee as an ACL tear in the least. Soon after, fears that an artery in his left leg was also compromised surfaced.

Now, Foster is recovering after a successful knee surgery Tuesday. Ian Rapoport revealed early Friday morning that the injury was, in fact, an ACL tear, with an additional LCL tear.

Although his injury is significant, Rapoport says Foster should be ready to go by the 2020 season while he is still under contract with the Redskins.

After placing Foster on injured reserve, the Redskins signed veteran linebacker John Bostic to make up for the significant loss.

The Redskins will have the option to keep Foster in 2021.