Rob Ryan might be the country's happiest guy on Wednesday.

That's when the Redskins hired Ryan to be their inside linebackers coach, and minutes after that news broke, he sat down with the Redskins Talk podcast to react to his new job. 

This much is clear: the guy is ready to go.

"So much respect for Jay Gruden for years," Ryan told JP Finlay and Mitch Tischler. "I've interviewed twice I've wanted to be there so bad. First time didn't work out, but this time, I'm so happy to be joining him. Him and Greg [Manusky], these guys, they make you feel like you just want to go in there and do something and be a little part of their success."

In fact, Washington didn't go to the longtime coach first. Instead, he approached them with the idea.

"I reached out," he said. "I've been a long admirer of them, and I kept my eye on them."

Once Kirk Olivadotti opted to leave D.C. for Green Bay, that's when Ryan pushed for a chance to interview. This will be his 20th NFL season.

The 56-year-old, who's been a defensive coordinator at numerous stops, acknowledged that it could be hard to not be the one who's putting in all of his schemes and calls. That'll be up to Manusky in 2019.


But still, the overall theme of his chat on Redskins Talk was energy and optimism. Should someone tell him Week 1 is still like seven months away?

"This is going to be fun," he said. "This is going to be an exciting team. This is going to be a great team... You got a Pro Bowl staff over there."

As for the LBs he'll be coaching — guys like Mason Foster, Shaun Dion Hamilton, and possibly Zach Brown and Reuben Foster — Ryan mentioned how he's familiar with Manusky's defense as a whole but needs to study up more on the individual defenders.

Fortunately, he's not dreading that piece, or really any piece, of his new role.

"I love to work film, I love to do every part of that job," Ryan said. "Soon as I get into the building, I'll be putting on tape and trying to learn my players."

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