Ron Rivera held a lengthy video conference with D.C. reporters on Tuesday and he never once mentioned Ohio State defensive end Chase Young. 

For Redskins fans consumed with the organization taking the sackmaster with the second overall pick, it's what Rivera didn't say that's so valuable. Because what he did say sure made it sound like Washington will select Young in a few weeks at the NFL Draft. 

Asked about the value of trading back from the second pick - a proposition that will only grow in discussion as the draft inches closer - Rivera explained that the value can't change in the type of player's available, otherwise a trade isn't worth it. 

From Rivera:

If you're going to make a trade and you're going to go back, that guy you're going to take at that spot has to be able to make the kind of impact you need to validate missing an opportunity to take a player that's a high-impact guy. In other words, if you're going to pass up Player A and you go back and you're going to take Player D, Player D has to be equal to Player A because if Player A is going to play for you for 10 years and Player D may not, then did you really get value or did you just get a whole bunch of picks? You've got to be able to sit there and say that the next guy that I'm going to take is going to be that high-impact guy, and that's what I'm looking for. That's what I believe we need is we need a guy that's going to come in and really change our football team. To me, there's a few guys on that board that are those kind of players."​​​


Read it again, and then read the draft reports on Young.

From "Young possesses superior traits and the ability to wreck and alter offensive game-plans as a perennial All-Pro." From Pro Football Focus: "Chase Young is the best edge prospect in recent memory." From The Draft Network: "Young profiles as an instant impact edge defender with the upside to become one the NFL's most prolific defensive playmakers."

The accolades just keep rolling in for Young, and while there are other elite defensive prospects like Clemson LB Isaiah Simmons and Ohio State CB Jeff Okudah, none of them have the reviews of Young. 


Almost every talent evaluator in the country considers him the best, cleanest pass rush prospect in a long time. His tape shows speed, power, burst and effort. His stats back it up, especially the 16.5 sacks in 14 games last season in Columbus. 

The line that stands out most from Rivera discussing a draft trade? 

Did you really get value or did you just get a whole bunch of picks?

In Carolina, no Rivera coached team ever traded back in the first round. The Panthers drafted some great players too - Cam Newton, Luke Kuechly and Christian McCaffrey come to mind. Rivera likes to grab the best talent he can, there's a track record of that. 

Washington has holes, many, and more picks could help fill those holes. But Chase Young could do way more than fill holes, he could change a football team.

Reading Rivera, it sure sounds like that's what the new Redskins coach wants. 

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