Case Keenum cannot be viewed as the long-term answer for the Redskins at quarterback. 

Colt McCoy cannot be viewed as the long-term answer for the Redskins at quarterback. 

Both signal callers are over 30-years-old and under contract for just one season. 

Washington must address their QB position in this 2019 NFL Draft, and recent market moves make it more likely that can happen with the 15th overall pick. 

Over the weekend, the Dolphins signed veteran journeyman Ryan Fitzpatrick after trading their former first-rounder Ryan Tannehill. The Fitzpatrick signing also came with news that Miami would prefer to wait for the 2020 Draft to get a rookie QB. 

Assuming that’s true, which might be a big assumption considering the misinformation often spread during the pre-draft process, it would take the Dolphins out of the running for a passer with the 13th pick. 

With a little more than a month before the NFL Draft in Nashville, the quarterback needy teams are starting to become obvious. Or, more accurately, the teams that won’t be taking passers is becoming more obvious. 

Jacksonville just signed Nick Foles to a contract that pays him $22 million a season. The Jags won’t be taking a QB with the seventh pick. 

Denver traded for Joe Flacco. The Broncos might take a QB at 10, but it seems less likely now. 


The Bengals new coaching staff and front office have said publicly how much they like Andy Dalton and that there are no plans to release or trade him. One week into free agency and the new league year, that’s held true. So the Bengals at 11 might not go QB. 

That just leaves Miami as a possible QB landing spot drafting ahead of the Redskins. And if a rookie QB doesn’t head to South Beach, Washington might have their pick of some quite good options. 

Kyler Murray seems destined to go No. 1 overall. That won’t change. 

After that, the Giants might take a QB at six and maybe the Raiders do something crazy at four. 

Oakland has had a wild offseason, and the team might just opt to keep incumbent QB Derek Carr rather than add a high profile rookie passer to team up with Antonio Brown. 

New York needs a quarterback, but things with the Giants seem to make little sense of late. Trading Odell Beckham also gave the Giants an additional first-round pick at 17 to try and snag a passer. 

Add all that up, and it’s possible Bruce Allen’s team has his pick of QBs at 15 between Dwayne Haskins, Drew Lock and Daniel Jones. 

It seems unlikely Haskins lasts to 15, but if the Giants don’t take the Ohio State star, who will? 

Scouts and evaluators are very split on Lock and Jones. There’s hardly consensus on which will make the better pro. 

Still, both will likely go in the first round, and could be there at 15. 

Last week, Redskins VP of Personnel Doug Williams said that trading up or trading back would be in play for Washington to find a quarterback. And all along, Williams has said that drafting a QB at 15 is an option. 

As the quarterback market continues to shake out around the NFL, it seems more and more likely that the Redskins could have that opportunity to add a rookie with the 15th pick.