Ryan Kerrigan knows he has one job to do, make plays. 

With the NFL Network Top 100 list leaving off Kerrigan for yet another year, JP Finlay asked Kerrigan during a 1-on-1 interview on Day 5 at training camp about his reaction to it. Kerrigan responded by saying that, “It’s really kind of an inconsequential thing if you look at some of the guys on it.”

While it may not bother Kerrigan, it raises the question of whether he is receiving the national respect he deserves. 

“It’s tough for me to say,” Kerrigan said. “I really feel like I focus on the the respect and love that I get from Washington so much that the national stuff doesn’t come to mind. Ultimately, I have a job to do and whether people talk about me or not, I got to go out there and make plays.” 

With 13 sacks last season, Kerrigan ranked second among outside linebackers in the NFL. Hoping to have his numbers pop this year, he is shooting high for 20 sacks. This could create the talk around his name that he’s looking for.

Also playing on the defensive side, Finlay asked Kerrigan to describe Preston Smith in one word. And that word was "breakout."

“We all have high hopes for Preston and I know he has high hopes for himself,” he responded.


Beginning his fourth season with the Washington Redskins, this could be the year for Smith. Appearing in every game since joining the team, his role has played a heavy part in defensive success.

“You’ve seen glimpses and moments of it from the past,” Kerrigan said. “When he puts his whole thing together, he’s going to be a nightmare for opposing offenses.”