If you ever get the chance to talk to Ryan Kerrigan, do your best to avoid standing on his left while you do so.

That's because the standout defender is almost completely deaf in his left ear, which is something he noticed all the way back in kindergarten. On Saturday at training camp, Kerrigan told the media trying to communicate with him in loud places on his weaker side is like trying to communicate with "a brick wall."

"If I put a headphone in there and turn it up — like super-freaking loud — I can hear," he said.

This is something that was originally reported on back when No. 91 just broke into the NFL, but that was before Twitter became Twitter. So some — myself included, and by the way, sorry to the writers who were trying to get Kerrigan to answer real questions for derailing his session entirely once he revealed this — didn't know about it until now. 

Preston Smith, however, has been aware of it for a while. And like the O-lineman who face Kerrigan every Sunday, Smith has had issues getting a hold of him in the past.

"I was talking to him one time, standing on his left, and I was trying to get insight on the play," Smith remembered. "Then, he turned so he could hear. And I was like, 'Man, I've been talking this whole time and you didn't hear me.'"

But what should you do if you do come across the 29-year-old and have no choice but to speak to him from the left?


Well, doing your best DJ Swearinger impression is a solid place to start. That's one person who has no trouble getting through to Kerrigan.

"He's pretty loud," Kerrigan said of the safety. "Even a guy with one funtional ear like me can hear him."


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