Regardless of Alex Smith's return date, the Washington Redskins will be on the hook for a large amount of money thanks to the money guaranteed in his contract.

On the Redskins Talk podcast on Thursday, salary cap expert Joel Corry said that the team is facing a bill of $31 million over the next two years.

His contract is structured like any other quarterback contract at his magntitude," he said. "The extension averaged 22.5 million per year. So his 2019 $15 million base salary was fully guaranteed at signing. That was to be expected.

"Now, when you have contracts like this, the 2020 season sometimes is guaranteed at signing ...  $16 million, 2020 the base salary, it was guaranteed at signing and it becomes fully guaranteed if he's on the roster as of the fifth day of the 2019 league year which is this upcoming St. Patrick's Day. So that's $31 million over the next two years that it's almost impossible for the Redskins to get out of. But that's the nature of the beast of a contract of this magnitude for a quarterback. "

If Smith decided to retire, Corry said, the Redskins could recoup some of that money. But he doesn't see Smith giving them the chance to do so.

"There's nothing they can really do," he said of the team. "... That's money they can't get out of."

Listen to the podcast to hear more about the situation the Redskins find themselves in.