If you're a Redskins fan, there's a decent chance you'll hear the name Chase Young more over the next four months than you'll hear the names of your spouse, kids, family members and friends.

Young is the best defensive prospect in the 2020 NFL Draft and is one of the best defensive end prospects to come from the college ranks in years. But why exactly is he so hyped up?

Well, to answer that question, the Redskins Talk podcast brought on Ohio State beat writer Bill Rabinowitz for a scouting report on the 20-year-old (yes, he's just 20). Rabinowitz, like most others, has a hard time finding a flaw in Young's game.

"You're getting pretty much a finished product," he said. "He's not a project, he's the real deal." 

"He's everything you want in a defensive end," Rabinowitz continued. "He's quick, he's fast, he's strong, he's a very good technician. He cares. It's about as no-brainer of a pick as you're going to find, honestly."

It's hard to argue with Rabinowitz's assessment when you look at Young's numbers from the 2019 season. In 11 games — he had to sit out two for a suspension that Rabinowitz said shouldn't be a concern for any pro evaluators — Young racked up 16.5 sacks and forced six fumbles. 

That's more than high impact production. That's the highest impact production.

Now, some detractors (the few out there that exist) will point at Young's two tackle, no sack effort against Clemson in the College Football Playoff. Rabinowitz acknowledges that wasn't the best way for the Buckeye to end his Columbus career, but he also wants people to know it's not like the guy completely disappeared in that matchup.


"[Clemson was] very conscious of him," Rabinowitz said. "Yeah, you'd still like for him to blow them up, have one of those kind of games where it doesn't matter if there are five guys blocking, but that's generally unrealistic."

Those who still aren't satisfied by that explanation can look at what Young did against then No. 13 Wisconsin and then No. 8 Penn State in the latter half of the Big Ten calendar. How does seven combined sacks and three combined forced fumbles sound? Clearly, he can handle major moments.

Of course, plenty of time separates today and the moment the Redskins will make their selection in the draft, which means there'll be plenty of arguments that emerge that argue for Washington to nab somebody else. Some of those may be legit, while others will appear just because people will need something to battle over, but they will emerge nonetheless. 

Rabinowitz, though, doesn't have any interest in hearing them. If he were in charge of the Redskins, Young would be the choice. Easily.

"I don't wait 10 seconds to turn in the card," he said. "I just say, 'Thank you very much,' and move on."

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