It's almost to the point where it's difficult to find a safety playing in today's NFL that didn't grow up watching and feeling inspired by Sean Taylor.

New Redskin Sean Davis is no exception to that.

The defender, whom Washington signed to a one-year deal on Wednesday, is from the area and liked Taylor for numerous reasons. When Davis was on the verge of entering the league in 2016, he explained why.

"I just loved how he imposed his will on people," he said while at the Combine. "They were scared to come across the field."

Every receiver who ever faced Taylor would absolutely agree with that assessment.

Davis was also fan of the Burgundy and Gold as a whole, which allowed him to really follow Taylor closely. The 26-year-old related to the star in many ways, from his name to his personality.

"He wore No. 21 and his name was Sean, and I was like 'This dude is perfect. I just want to idolize myself after him,'" he said. "I just loved everything about him. I'm a quiet dude and he was real quiet to himself, just like me. I definitely love Sean Taylor."

While with the Steelers, Davis had a chance to wear No. 21 in 2018 and 2019. That won't happen now that he's with the Redskins — no one's worn it since Taylor — but he will join a secondary that features Landon Collins, another Taylor devotee.


Where Davis fits in overall with the Redskins' defense is still unsettled. The deal he's signing isn't expensive, but he should have a chance to earn serious playing time.

Regardless, whatever playing time he gets will come on the same grass his idol once roamed. That experience figures to be a special one for him.

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