For a handful of Sundays and Mondays in the mid-2000s, Sean Taylor roamed the secondary, Santana Moss blew by defensive backs and Clinton Portis dove into the end zone while wearing white-on-white uniforms for the Redskins.

Since that brief stretch, though, Washington hasn't taken the field in that color combination. They've worn white and burgundy tops and cycled through white, gold and even burgundy pants, but the all-white look has been absent for more than a decade.

Some players are ready for them to return. 

"I interact with the fans a lot and I know that's something they're pushing for us to do with our actual uniforms, to wear white-on-white," Paul Richardson said. "I know it has been a while and every time I do it, I get a good response from it."

Richardson often practices in the combo, like he did on Monday. In that particular session, Derrius Guice joined him as well. For a large chunk of the Redskins' faithful, it's a jersey that brings back some very fond memories in an era that lacks much worth recalling.

"They're encouraging us to do it," Richardson said of the fans. "Like, 'Hey, we want to see it.' I do it for the supporters." 

Chris Thompson would love to suit up in white-on-white, too.

"All the way, 100-percent," he said. "I think it's real clean for sure."

Dustin Hopkins, like Richardson and Guice, was also seen at practice in the matching attire. When asked afterward if he was trying to help build momentum in bringing the uniform back, however, the kicker revealed his reasoning was a little more practical.


"We gave our jerseys away in camp, and ever since, that was the only jersey they had for me," he explained.

That said, he certainly wouldn't hate if the ensemble came back. 

"I think white-on-white would look slick," he said.

Looking ahead on the 2019 schedule, perhaps the Redskins could use the 'fit during their Thursday night contest against the Vikings, if the NFL opts to keep their "Color Rush" matchups on the calendar. Until then, Richardson will continue to campaign and talk to whom he needs to talk to in order for the uniforms to re-join the team's rotation.

"Hopefully, I'll be able to influence that a little bit."