With cuts done and the 53-man roster basically set, you can now buy your Jimmy Moreland jerseys. Unless you're that one dude this preseason who picked up a No. 25 Moreland jersey. If you're him, it's time to purchase a second.

The week after the final preseason contest and before the opener is where players change numbers and rookies who were wearing duplicate digits during the offseason finally settle on their own.

So, let's get you caught up on which 2019 Redskins switched things up (the official announcements should come soon) and also grade the choices using a very proprietary Swag Formula that takes into account what the old number was and how the new number looks. There is a science to this, people.

Jimmy Moreland  

Previous number: 25 ... New number: 32

Moreland was never keeping 25 because that belongs to Chris Thompson. In the end, the rookie will don 32 for the Burgundy and Gold this year.

The corner was petrified of ending up with something in the 40s, as he should be. A defensive back being assigned something in the 40s is absolutely tragic. No offense, 2016/2017 Quinton Dunbar.

Once you consider Moreland dodged the 40s, as well as a number like 37 — which Greg Stroman, who is also a former seventh-round pick like Moreland, got stuck with — the decision here is easy: The Swag Formula says this change places Moreland all the way up to a 9/10.

Trey Quinn

Previous number: 14 ... New number: 18

Quinn figures to see some of the targets that'll be available now that Josh Doctson is gone, and he'll be doing so in Doctson's No. 18.


No. 14 felt more like a short backup quarterback should be rocking it. 18, on the other hand, is much smoother.

Hopefully Quinn's career here goes better than Doctson's did. As far as his number change, though, things are off to a promising start. The Swag Formula says 18 for Quinn is an 8.25/10. 

Cole Holcomb

Previous number: 57 ... New number: 55

Like Moreland, Holcomb's first jersey was never going to be his real one. Nick Sundberg, the longest-tenured Redskin, is also 57, so it was only a matter of time until Holcomb had to switch.

Well, the rookie linebacker is now the ol' double nickel. Symmetrical numbers like this one are always visually pleasing. Holcomb's definitely in a better spot than he was this summer.

However, 55 isn't the best fit for a middle linebacker. You typically see it more on an edge rusher or an outside linebacker. Yes, Holcomb improved with this choice, but the Swag Formula says 55 for Holcomb is just a solid 6.5/10.

Donald Penn

Previous number: 79 ... New number: 72

Offensive lineman numbers are always difficult to gauge because they have to slum it in the 60s and 70s. Regardless, Penn did upgrade by going with 72, because 79 is one of the more garish numbers in the sport.

The Swag Formula says he now checks in at a 6/10, after previously toiling at a 3/10.

Wes Martin

Previous number: 78 ... New number: 67

Here is our first non-positive switch of the group. That said, Martin didn't get any worse, either. Overall, the guard's standing in the Swag Formula remains a meh 4/10.

Ross Pierschbacher 

Previous number: 72 ... New number: 64

As mentioned earlier, running O-linemen through the Swag Formula is tricky, because they aren't working with the best options. You have to do it, though, and unfortunately for Pierschbacher, he's now in rough shape.

72 wasn't awesome, but it definitely beats 64. The first-year pro is now barely on the Swag Formula's scale with a 2/10.