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Sources: Add Marvin Lewis to Redskins coaching candidate list with Rivera, Bieniemy

Sources: Add Marvin Lewis to Redskins coaching candidate list with Rivera, Bieniemy

The Redskins will face the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday in their final game of a terrible 2019 season.

Bill Callahan will coach that game, but afterward, all bets are off. 

Who takes over that job as the Redskins next head coach, however, could be starting to take shape. 

Multiple sources have told NBC Sports Washington that Marvin Lewis could be a top candidate. The former Bengals head coach is now an assistant at Arizona State University, but he has previous coaching experience with the Redskins as a defensive coordinator in 2002 and is said to have a solid relationship with Washington owner Dan Snyder and others in Ashburn. 

It’s easy to knock Lewis’ lack of playoff success with the Bengals. He went to the playoffs seven times in Cincinnati and never won a game. That's almost hard to do and something that has dogged Lewis for years. 

In Cincinnati, Lewis had to do much with little. The Bengals are a notoriously cheap organization and the owner serves as a de facto general manager. In his 16 seasons as head coach, Lewis won more than 50 percent of his games, with 10 wins or more six different times. The Redskins haven't won more than 10 games since 1991, and have only gotten 10 wins twice in the last two decades. 

It's easy to forget too that Lewis was at the helm of an explosive Bengals team that won 11 games in 2005 and looked poised for a deep playoff run before Carson Palmer injured his knee in the Wild Card game. 

In Washington just consistently getting to the playoffs would be a big step. It’s happened only twice in the last decade, and then only as a result of somewhat long shot late-season win streaks. 

While the Redskins have grown more tight-fisted with cash under Allen’s leadership, Snyder is still a big spender. Last offseason the Redskins signed Landon Collins to one of the richest contracts ever signed by a safety and the team has a long history of not just paying in free agency, but over-paying. Lewis would be at the wheel of a much different type of vehicle in Ashburn than he had in Cincinnati. 

It also might make sense for Washington to hire a head coach with a defensive focus. The team hasn’t done that since Marty Schottenheimer in 2001, and while the team has amassed some talent on the defensive side of the ball, the group has largely underperformed. 

With Lewis’ track record, it would make sense to expect immediate defensive improvement. Before he took over the Bengals jobs in 2003, Lewis guided the Redskins to the fifth-best defense in the NFL in 2002, and prior to that was defensive coordinator for the Ravens during their first Super Bowl triumph.

Lewis isn't the only name to watch. Ron Rivera has also been reported as a possible candidate for the job. 

Rivera has an even more impressive resume as a two-time Coach of the Year award winner. In nine years in Carolina, Rivera's teams went 76-63-1. In 2015 the Panthers went 15-1 and went all the way to the Super Bowl before falling to the Denver Broncos.  

A linebacker for the famous Super Bowl-winning 1985 Chicago Bears, Rivera is an excellent defensive mind and has a reputation as one of the best people in the NFL. It’s an easy assumption that Rivera could also improve the Redskins defense. 

Both Lewis and Rivera might choose to keep current Redskins offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell on their staff. He made great strides working with rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins this season, and it might be best to keep the pair working together. 

Rivera will be the hotter coaching candidate, and that could hurt the Redskins, particularly if team president Bruce Allen sticks around. It's been reported that some coaching candidates are uncomfortable
With the current power structure at Redskins Park with Allen at the helm.

Mike McCarthy’s name has also been suggested as a fit in Washington. He’s an offensive coach with a Super Bowl ring, but reports of a sour relationship with Aaron Rodgers during their time together in Green Bay haven’t helped his resume. McCarthy will get plenty of looks this coaching cycle though, but sources say that hasn’t happened yet with Washington. 

Current Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy is also a candidate for the gig. He's got a strong record with the explosive Kansas City offense and has Andy Reid pushing his candidacy as a top coaching candidate.

Sources have told NBC Sports Washington that team owner Dan Snyder has been working with a select group of football advisers to determine his next steps with the team and that Snyder wants to move quickly. 

There's also the specter of Urban Meyer shadowing the Redskins coaching search. He took in a game with Snyder in the owner's box at FedEx Field a few weeks back, and has close relationships with Alex Smith, Terry McLaurin and Dwayne Haskins. Meyer coached all three during his various college coaching stops and is one of the hottest names on the coaching market. 

Meyer has said that he would prefer to be a team executive in the NFL rather than a coach, and while Snyder's group of advisers does not include Allen, a source confirmed, it would be no surprise if Meyer has offered some advice. 

The biggest question with the Redskins is not at head coach but rather Bruce Allen's future. Should he be removed or resign, when does that happen? If he stays, what coach will come to Washington? If he gets reassigned, what does that actually mean?

Those questions don’t have answers yet. 

By Monday afternoon, things could look much different. 

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These well-known Redskins fans would be very interesting minority stakeholders

These well-known Redskins fans would be very interesting minority stakeholders

The Redskins' three minority owners, who reportedly make up about 40-percent of the team's ownership group, are actively trying to sell their stakes in the club.

Now, if those three do in fact move on — which may prove difficult — there are plenty of well-known Washington fans who could prove to be interesting replacements, even if they purchase just a small slice of what the trio is looking to pass on. 

Check out the list below for a handful of the more eye-catching names that would absolutely draw headlines. 

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

One of NASCAR's most popular drivers of all time is now working as an analyst for NBC. He's been a fan since he was nine years old and has a positive relationship with Dan Snyder. Plus, he's already used to pressure-packed Sundays.

Matthew McConaughey

Here's another mega-celebrity and lifelong fan of the Burgundy and Gold who's also a personal friend of Snyder's. Perhaps he'd like to add some football hardware to his already crowded trophy case.

Kevin Durant

Durant is one of the best ballers in the world, and with how enormous NBA contracts are as well as all the endorsements he's picked up along the way, you have to figure he has some spare cash to put toward the Redskins if he wanted to.

Plus, becoming a part owner of an NFL team would be something he could hold over his enemies like Draymond Green and Kendrick Perkins.



The famous rapper just hosted some of the Redskins' virtual programming during the 2020 Draft, and he's tight with QB Dwayne Haskins. He could be next in the long line of artists/musicians who've dabbled in sports ownership.

Taraji P. Henson

The Hidden Figures and Empire actress' father once worked as a janitor for Washington, and she's been a supporter of the squad for quite a while. Buying into them could be a nice thing to add to her real-life empire.

Joe Gibbs

Gibbs isn't exactly a current pop culture icon like any of the names above, but he is a DC icon and it'd be foolish to exclude him from a list like this. Snyder has understandably revered Gibbs for essentially his whole life and confided in him often in the past.

If Gibbs wanted to become involved with the Redskins again, you have to believe Snyder would be thrilled.  

Alexis Ohanian

Ohanian, who co-founded Reddit and sold it back in 2006, has been devoted to the Redskins since the late '80s. He's attended plenty of contests in his fan career. So, why not make the transition from the stadium seats to the owner's box?

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Reports: Redskins' three minority owners attempting to sell their stakes in the franchise

Reports: Redskins' three minority owners attempting to sell their stakes in the franchise

The three minority owners of the Washington Redskins -- Frederick Smith, Robert Rothman, and Dwight Schar -- are trying to sell their stake in the team, according to a report from the Washington Post on Sunday night. Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio first reported Sunday afternoon that Smith and Schar wanted to sell.

The three men have reportedly hired a banking firm to help the search for potential buyers, but according to Florio they have not had much luck. The trio is "not happy being a partner" to Redskins majority owner Dan Snyder, according to the Post.

Smith, Rothman and Schar are Washington's lone minority partners and make up about 40-percent of the franchise's ownership group, according to the Post. The three minority owners are the only members of Washington's ownership group outside of Snyder, along with his sister and his mother.

Smith is the CEO and founder of FedEx, one of Washington's largest corporate sponsors. FedEx currently holds the naming rights to Washington's home stadium, FedEx Field, through 2025. The stadium lease expires in 2027.  

This past Thursday, FedEx became one of the first major corporate sponsors of the Redskins to publicly place pressure on the franchise to change its name. Other companies such as Nike, which removed all Redskins' products from its website, along with Bank of America and PepsiCo followed shortly after.

In response, the Redskins released a statement on Friday that the team is undergoing a "thorough review" of the team's name. All signs point toward an inevitable change. New head coach Ron Rivera has said that he hopes the name is changed prior to the 2020 season, which begins in September.


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