If you're thinking about proposing to your significant other anytime soon, do yourself a favor: Don't let that significant other see the video of Vernon Davis' proposal.

In mid-July, the Redskins tight end popped the question to his now-fiancee, Kayla, on the beach in Ocean City, Md. And just to ensure that Kayla would remember the moment forever, Davis enlisted the help of — because why not? — skydivers, too.

"I had a dream about it," Davis said at training camp following a practice when asked how he settled on such an elaborate plan. "She showed me some ideas of different proposals a long time ago and right after she showed me that night I had a dream about the skydivers."

Following that dream, No. 85 explained that he used his resources and reached out to a friend to help set up the aerial side of things (after all, as everyone knows, you have to have a friend who has a strong connection to skydivers). 

"It just worked," he said. Yep, it sure did.

As you can see in that video that shows the whole process, once the skydivers landed, they took off their gear and revealed shirts that said, "Will you marry me?" Of course, Kayla said yes, and Davis proceeded to give her a rock that was bigger than many that were on the OC beach that day.


In terms of how he felt during it all, Davis admitted he was a little nervous, comparing it to his emotions on a game day. And for those who are now inspired to try and top what he pulled off, the veteran has three words for you.

"Bring it on."