With one of the most un-exciting Super Bowls in the books, fans are already turning to the sportsbooks for Super Bowl 54 in 2020.

Despite the Patriots' record-breakingly low scoring victory, Oddshark believes New England will continue their reign with a seventh ring at Super Bowl LIV. The experts have placed them at +650, right above the LA Rams who fell short to the Pats on Sunday night, 13-3.

But who has the chance to dethrone New England? Or who could perhaps become the greatest underdog story in franchise history? It's never too early to start hypothesizing (or dreaming about a Tom-Brady-free Super Bowl Sunday), so we're talking odds even at six months out. 

Falling behind the Patriots and Rams at +800 are the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Chargers, edging out the New Orleans Saints at +1,000. 

Following close behind the Saints are the Indianapolis Colts (+1,000), who expectedly lost 31-13 to Kansas City in the second round of the playoffs, and the Chicago Bears (+1,200), who missed advancing in the playoffs by just one point to the Philadelphia Eagles.

With many teams falling in the middle tier range, these odds appear rather generous to teams like Cleveland and Atlanta (+3,000) who were unexpectedly placed above both Houston and Seattle who landed at +4,000.

With no real starting quarterback in place for 2019, the Redskins are not thought to be Super Bowl contenders. Vegas agrees. Washington was ranked rather harshly at +15,000, landing them second to last place.

The Miami Dolphins placed dead last by a large margin at +30,000.