Before the Redskins' preseason finale against the Ravens, it felt like Cam Sims was safe when it came to making Washington's 53-man roster, while Steven Sims, though promising, projected to land on the team's practice squad.

60 minutes of exhibition football later, however, and it's very hard to know what to make of each Sims.

Steven hauled in a Dwayne Haskins touchdown, diving and snaring the ball off the grass in the corner of the end zone, early on in the contest. The undrafted player also had 41-yard and 39-yard kick returns, explosive special teams plays that have been supremely scarce recently in D.C.

Cam, on the other hand, was targeted seven times — and ended up with just one catch. The second-year pro had a couple of dreadful drops, too, the kinds of mistakes someone in his precarious standing wanted to avoid at all costs.

Afterward, Jay Gruden explained how Thursday's game could sway he and his staff with cuts looming this weekend.

"It can," he said. "It really can. Especially if it's close."

One Sims had a crowd of reporters surrounding him in the locker room and was happy to answer every question that came his way. The other had a smaller scrum, and the vibe was somber. You can guess which was which.

"I think I did everything I could to make the team," Steven said. "I hope it was good enough for the guys upstairs to keep me around."

"Tonight was a bad night for me," Cam explained. "You're only as good as your last game. Tonight was bad for me."


So, the question becomes: Was what took place at FedEx Field enough to really shake up the bottom of the receiver depth chart?

Throughout OTAs, minicamp and the majority of training camp, Cam was one of the Burgundy and Gold's standouts. After making the squad in 2018 but getting injured in Week 1, the lanky pass catcher really thrived and seemed to have a knack for producing chunk plays this offseason. 

Steven was an intriguing prospect all summer as well. He may not have had the peaks that Cam did, but he was still eye-catching both in Richmond and in Ashburn. And when it came to stepping up in preseason action, he edged out his peer.

Whether "young Antonio Brown," as Haskins labeled him postgame, ultimately forced Gruden to keep him on the 53-man roster isn't known yet, but it will be soon. The same goes for whether Cam's dud of a performance will just go down as some poor film or something much more harmful.   

Regardless, Thursday was an important reminder that a few months of work can all come down to just four quarters. One Sims took advantage of those four quarters and the other didn't. Now, the Redskins must decide which Sims — one? Both? Neither? — is worth retaining.