Having to face Chase Young at the college level was an unfortunate event for any offensive player, but for Maryland running back Anthony McFarland, it might've actually been an upgrade from what he was used to.

That's because McFarland was high school teammates with Young at DeMatha, and there, the defender made practice a miserable experience on a regular basis. 

During a recent appearance on the Redskins Talk podcast, McFarland was kind enough to explore those difficult memories.

"Oh, man, Chase used to wreck practice, like every day," he said. "When he was at D-end, especially when he first got there, our offense couldn't get the ball off. We just couldn't get the ball off."

If you listen to the interview (which you should), you can hear the exasperation in McFarland's voice. DeMatha is a football power, and here was a kid who was preventing them from completing even the simplest of actions.

Turns out, he was far from the only one frustrated by Young's skills and power.

"Chase just wanted to dominate anybody who was in front of him," McFarland, who'll be in the same draft class as Young, said. "A lot of the coaches and stuff would be mad because we're trying to get a play off or we're trying to practice, and Chase is just like, 'No.'"



In those days, McFarland couldn't wait for his interactions with Young to stop. But looking back now, he thinks it highlights one of the pass rusher's best qualities.

"That's why I know he's going to be a good player, because he's been like that since high school," McFarland told Redskins Talk. "No matter what, he's going to get himself better each play. It doesn't matter what the offense is trying to do. He's one of those guys, man, who pisses the coach off."

Soon, Young will have the opportunity to piss off plenty of NFL head coaches. And on the night of April 23, Ron Rivera will very likely have a shot to ensure he won't be one of them.