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Washington Football

If you tell a Redskins fan that Terry McLaurin was magnificent as a rookie, that Redskins fan won't even blink. Why?

Because every Redskins fan already knows that Terry McLaurin was magnificent as a rookie. It'd be like telling them the Donovan McNabb trade didn't work out or that London Fletcher was a decent leader. McLaurin ruled, and it was obvious to everyone who watched him.

Pro Football Focus just posted a stat, however, that puts what McLaurin did in 2019 into an entirely new perspective.

According to PFF, McLaurin didn't just have one of the best debut seasons among receivers last year. As it turns out, McLaurin actually had the second-best debut season among all receivers of the last decade.

Look at the names on this list, Burgundy and Gold supporters, and be prepared to come away with even more of an appreciation for the effort No. 17 put in a season ago:

Yep, only Odell Beckham's insane first campaign with the Giants — where he went off for 1,305 yards in just 12 games — was better than McLaurin's first taste of the NFL with the Redskins, at least in the eyes of PFF.

While Beckham, Thomas and Evans all eclipsed 1,000 yards and McLaurin didn't, this metric takes into account how effective McLaurin was despite quarterback play that was uneven at best and other pass catchers around him that weren't very threatening. That's why he's in this kind of company, even if his numbers are a shade below the others.


So, the next time you want to talk to a Redskins fan about Terry McLaurin, don't tell him or her that McLaurin was magnificent as a rookie. Instead, tell him or her that McLaurin was more magnificent as a rookie than just about anyone else at his position since 2010. That'll get their attention.