Derrius Guice (a former LSU running back) and Cam Sims (who played in college at Alabama) went from foes to teammates when both ended up on the Redskins before the start of last season.

This offseason, though, the two young skill players are rivals again — in NBA 2K, that is. And they're bitter, bitter rivals.

Where this whole thing started isn't exactly clear, because Guice and Sims have sent approximately 14,000 tweets at each other in the past handful of days.

But the crux of it appears to be pretty simple: Guice thinks he's better at the game, while Sims thinks he's better.

Here's a sampling of some of their top back-and-forths, which feature many key ingredients of prime trash talk like using the word "garbage," posting screenshots as proof of monster stat lines and repeatedly reciting your competitor's record against you:

At this point, it's honestly amazing they have time to actually play 2K considering how often they're taking shots at each other on social media. Their phones must have some really strong chargers.