Whether he's traded or released, Cam Newton will soon be joining his second NFL team after playing 125 games for the Panthers.

Naturally, because every single one of those appearances came with Ron Rivera on the sidelines, it doesn't take much to project Newton possibly joining Washington and reuniting with his old coach.

And thanks to that connection, many betting sites — remember when the world could bet on live sports, by the way? Sigh — list the Redskins as the favorites to land the 2015 MVP. But who else is in the mix?

Here's an overview of some other teams that could make sense as Newton's next stop.


For the first time since 1886 (numbers approximate), the Patriots are in need of a QB. 

As of now, 2019 Day 3 pick Jarrett Stidham is New England's No. 1 option, and perhaps Bill Belichick will choose to trust him in the franchise's new era. After all, the last time they went with an unheralded signal-caller, it worked out pretty well for them.

That said, if the Pats — and this will be key for the others on this list, too — come away confident that Newton is recovered and healthy after playing in just two games last season, his ceiling is far higher than Stidham's and would no doubt entice Belichick. Plus, Belichick has shown in the past he has no problem bringing in large personalities.


The Patriots aren't the only AFC East outfit that could use someone of Newton's caliber these days.


Both Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh Rosen are still in the fold, but the former would only be Miami's answer if they were in the Beard Football League and the latter didn't pan out in 2019.

So far this offseason, the Dolphins have been awfully aggressive in free agency, signing the likes of Byron Jones, Kyle Van Noy and Ereck Flowers. Their roster is no doubt improved, but putting Newton on it would make them a lot more dangerous. 


Jacksonville just moved on from Nick Foles, clearing the way for Gardner Minshew. It's very possible they stick with him, seeing as he put together some very impressive games as a rookie and, of course, is still on that cheap rookie deal.

That said, Doug Marrone is coming off of back-to-back poor records and was on a very hot seat just a few months ago. A healthy and engaged Newton could transform the Jags and give Marrone some serious job security if he plays well.

Also, seeing Newton run a Jay Gruden offense would be awesome. 


The Chargers reportedly plan to stick with Tyrod Taylor for now and sit sixth in the 2020 Draft order, meaning they could be in prime position to take a chance on someone like Justin Herbert or Jordan Love in April. 

If Newton is released, however, LA would have to consider him. Taylor could be a fine temporary passer while a top pick learns from the sidelines, yes, but Newton could also step in as a one-year starter. In that scenario, the Chargers could commit to him for a season, give him a chance to rebuild his game, then the two sides could part ways in 2021.

An organization can say they're doing one thing, like the Chargers indicated with Taylor. Yet when someone of Newton's ilk becomes available, plans can change drastically.