Ron Rivera was officially announced as the next Redskins head coach two days after the 2019 NFL regular season ended and introduced as the team's new leader two days after that. In fact, rumors of the move started leaking just hours after Washington's Week 17 finale against Dallas, and ultimately, he didn't interview with any other franchise.

Despite the way it looked on the outside, though, this wasn't a rushed decision. Rivera taking over the Burgundy and Gold was actually the conclusion of a research-filled, weeks-long stretch, one that made his new job worth forgoing the chance to land any others.

"Right after Friday the week after I was let go, Mr. Snyder reached out to my agent, so the two of them talked for a couple of days, then I got a phone call from Mr. Snyder on Monday the following week and we started talking," Rivera explained during his introductory presser. "We talked the first day for about 40 minutes and the second day for about 20 and then I went and I got a bunch of tape."

According to Rivera, that tape, which spanned across many games, showed him a collection of players who battled. That stood out to him, particularly in a lost season. So then he started having more serious discussions with Dan Snyder.

"I was really impressed by his vision," Rivera said. "It’s more of a coach-centered approach in terms of decision making."

"This decision was made over a period of time of getting together with him, sitting down, spending probably 35 hours in the freezer ‒ he has a room at his place that’s just frigid, I think he did it on purpose to make sure I stayed awake," he added. "We went through every aspect of the organization."


That kind of coach-heavy structure reflects what perennial contenders like the Patriots, Seahawks and Chiefs have built, which is something Snyder wanted to bring to D.C. Rivera will take on a ton of power with the Redskins, a perk that really drew him to Washington.

Rivera also made sure to emphasize his return to football, just a month after being fired by the Panthers, wasn't about the money. If it was, he'd still be trying to gather offers and have teams compete for his services.

Instead, this is all about the promise on the roster and the way his plan lined up with the owner's plan. 

Oh, and his contempt for house chores.

"I got tired of getting up and having to do dishes," Rivera said.

His kitchen may be a little dirtier moving forward, but if he can clean up the Redskins, he'll likely be pleased with that trade.

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