Between giveaways,  activities, autograph sessions, and a fun-filled day with the members of the Burgundy and Gold, Redskins Fan Appreciation Day was a sight to be seen.

1. Derrius Guice gifts his cleats.

During the autograph session, the former LSU star gave away one of his cleats to a fan. When asked if he would gift the other, Guice took it as an opportunity to create a competition. A very loud competition. The fan that cheered the loudest would win his footwear, and suddenly a frantic mix of kids and adults began screaming at the top of their lungs. Guice strolled along the sea of burgundy searching for a worthy recipient, eventually awarding the autographed second shoe.

2.  Wale makes a cameo.

Rapper and lifelong Redskins fan Wale made the trip to Richmond and chatted with NBC Sports Washington about his expectations for the upcoming season.

3. Case Keenum's Quiz.

Before he would hand out some of his gear from practice, Case Keenum decided to quiz the kids that swarmed him as he approached. With three items to offer --- a wristband, a towel and a football --- the questions increased in difficulty.