Thomas Davis was at the gym during his first chance to chat with local reporters since joining the Redskins, and before anyone freaks out about him not being responsible, it's necessary to point out that the gym is in his house. 

That, according to the linebacker, will be instrumental in his effort to stay physically fit during an uncertain stretch for everyone, including pro athletes. And it was far from the only interesting topic covered in Davis' media session.

Here are three of the more valuable takeaways from his time on the phone:

1) Ron Rivera wasn't the only reason he signed with Washington

Of course, Rivera being in charge of the Burgundy and Gold was "first and foremost" on the 37-year-old's list of factors that brought him to the NFC East. There were others, though.

"You look at all these guys and you feel they have the makings of becoming a really good team," Davis told reporters, touting a group of defensive linemen he feels is loaded with options capable of "completely wrecking a game." 

He's also enthusiastic about having the opportunity to mentor the Redskins' younger members of the roster and even likes the idea of simply suiting up to prove to himself he still can. Sure, it's going to be his 16th year in the NFL, but it sounded like he still feels very fresh and motivated.

2) He kept coming back to one idea over and over


Davis' time in Carolina, which spanned 14 seasons (eight under Rivera), featured six playoff runs and a Super Bowl appearance. That's a lot of success.

So, what was the the primary driver of that success? 

"We came together, we worked hard, we knew we had good coaches and we bought into the system," he said.

That last point, where he mentioned buying in, came up at other parts of the session, too. It might've been the concept he talked about the most, in fact. It likely won't be the last time you hear him bring it up.

While Rivera surely thinks Davis can still contribute as a linebacker, the coach also probably looks at the veteran as a very valuable mouthpiece for his debut campaign in Washington. That phrase can sometimes have a negative connotation, but it doesn't here. 

Rivera will need his new players to invest in his way of doing things. Davis is someone who has and who'll get others to as well. That'll make just as much of a difference as his tackling and his on-field experience.

3) He's just as unsure about the next few months as you are

Davis answered all sorts of questions about the Redskins and their upcoming year, but a weird part of the call — and a weird part of basically any conversation regarding the sport that Davis is a part of — is that no one really knows if that upcoming year will carry on like normal. Coronavirus could certainly affect it, like it has every other major league.

Personally, Davis isn't jumping to any conclusions.

"We all can speculate and say that the season is going to happen when it's supposed to happen and that we're going to be able to go in and do the things that we need to do," he said. "But I think this next month, from what I've been seeing, is really critical in seeing what's going to happen moving forward."

He also urged that folks continue to take the virus seriously, already showing some of the revered leadership he'll bring with him to his new organization.

"It's important right now for people to really listen and understand that this is not a game," Davis said. "This is something that we all need to pay attention to and we need to stay at home. There's nothing more important right now than your own life and the lives of the people that are around you that can be affected if you're out partying, if you're out doing unnecessary things that can possibly spread this virus."