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A timeline of the Trent Williams holdout: how did we get here?

A timeline of the Trent Williams holdout: how did we get here?

This story has been updated.

It's no surprise that Trent Williams name was floated around a lot during the NFL Trade Deadline, the last day for NFL teams to make trades. However, what was surprising was how the day concluded at 4 p.m.

147 days after Williams' initial holdout with the Redskins began, he is reportedly back at Redskins Park, meaning the situation could be coming a close.

From its beginning to the potential end, here's how the Williams saga played out.

January 24: Williams pulled out of the Pro Bowl with an undisclosed injury. 

April 1: Reports surfaced that Williams dealt with a "very serious" medical issue a couple of months earlier, but seemed to be in the clear now. NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reported that "Williams' health issue was related to growth or tumor on his head that had doctors worried it was malignant. Williams had the growth removed and at this point, should be unaffected once he recovers."

June 4: The left tackle does not show up on the Redskins' first day of minicamp. Initial reports were that Williams either wanted a new contract or a trade. This was the first time the public became aware of Williams' unhappiness.  

June 5: CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora reported that Williams' absence from minicamp was due to frustration of how the organization handled an injury diagnosis and wanted to be traded or released. Adrian Peterson, the left tackle's good friend, was surprised by Williams' frustration.

June 5: After reports swirled that Williams "vowed" to never play for the Redskins again, head coach Jay Gruden was asked whether he believed Trent would return to the Redskins. His response was not convincing. "I sure hope so," Gruden said.  

June 7: Redskins team president Bruce Allen speaks with Williams. While the actual reason for Williams' holdout had yet to be revealed, Allen stated that "I know what the truth is."

June 13: Williams shared an Instagram story of what looked like him undergoing another medical procedure. NFL Network's Ian Rapoport called the surgery "clean up the area where the original scar was. Not considered major, not related to a setback."

July 22: Reports come out that Williams will not report to training camp with the rest of his teammates. NFL Network's Mike Garafolo reported that it could be "quite a while" before Trent returns to the Redskins. The left tackle had yet to stay anything publicly regarding the situation.

July 24: On the first day of training camp, Gruden tells the media the Redskins "expect him here sooner [rather] than later." Gruden continued: "Right now there are some things that he has to work out individually and personally - with his agent, professionally - whatever that may be. I don't take anything personal in this business, for sure. I love Trent, I love what he has done for this franchise and this team, but we expect him back soon."

July 26: Washington works out two free-agent left tackles: Corey Robinson and Donald Penn.

July 27: The Redskins sign left tackle Corey Robinson and place Williams on the reserve/did not report list. The team is still interested in signing Penn, too.

July 28: The relationship between Williams and the Redskins is "totally fractured," according to CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora. One unnamed Redskins' front office member told NBC Sports Washington: "We want Trent, but Trent's got to want us too."

July 28: The Redskins senior vice president of communications, Tony Wyllie, claimed that the report from La Canfora about a fractured relationship is "100 percent false."

July 28: Right tackle Morgan Moses shows support for Trent, sporting a No. 71 practice jersey at his press conference. "I expect him to come back," Moses said. "I am pretty sure he wants to be here."

July 28: Williams also received support from linebacker and longtime teammate Ryan Kerrigan. "From a contractual standpoint I 100-percent support him," Kerrigan said. "Whenever its the team or a coach making a business decision its a business decision, but when a player is doing it, he's being 'selfish'."

July 30: La Canfora tells The Fan DC he expects Williams to force a trade. "I think he’s prepared to force a trade or find a way to take his talent elsewhere," he said. 

July 30: With Trent continuing his holdout, the Redskins sign left tackle Donald Penn. He had previously worked out for the team the week prior.

July 31: The Redskins are "gauging interest" around the NFL about possibly trading Trent Williams. 

July 31: Donald Penn tells the media that he sought advice from Trent before signing with the Redskins. "Trent’s one of my good friends," Penn said. "I reached out to Trent before I signed. We had a good conversation and we talked. We’re on the same page." He insisted that his conversation with No. 71 would remain private, however.

August 3: Gruden dismisses the idea of trading Williams. "I would seriously doubt that," Gruden said.

August 8: Reports swirl that Trent Williams is fine with missing regular-season games and will not play for Redskins, 'period.'

August 12: ESPN's Adam Schefter reports that the Redskins refuse to engage in any trade talks for Williams.

August 13: Adrian Peterson admits that Trent's absence has impacted the Redskins tremendously, and is even slowing down the development of the quarterbacks. He also added, "I wouldn't be surprised if he comes back, and I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't."

August 13: While the Redskins still have zero intent to trade Williams, that hasn't stopped other teams from calling. Three teams, including the New England Patriots, have inquired about a trade for No. 71.

August 13: Adrian Peterson tells the media he "shot [his] shot," trying to get Williams to return. "I know how Trent is, so I just left it alone," he said. "After we talked that first time about it, I wasn't going to be the guy that was going to pester him or anything like that... I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't come back, and if he did, I wouldn't be surprised. That's honestly where I sit."

August 19: When asked for an update on the situation, Gruden had nothing to offer. "There are no updates whatsoever," he said. "We're preparing with the guys we have right now. That's all we can do."

August 22: The Redskins reportedly turned down a trade offer from the Patriots. New England offered a first-round pick for Williams. 

August 26: NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports that after several surgeries, Williams is "healthy and ready to play. For someone."

August 28: In a sit-down interview with The Athletic, team president Bruce Allen says "I think Trent is going to play football." When asked if that would be with another team, Allen immediately shot that down. "NO, it'll be with us," he said.

August 29: On Hail to the Podcast, former Redskins defensive back DeAngelo Hall said that Williams told him, "'There's zero chance I'll be in that building next week.'"

September 2: Gruden tells the media he has "no expectations whatsoever anymore." He continued: "I’m kind of numb to the fact so we’re just going to coach the guys that we have; that’s all that we can do right now."

September 3: Hall circles back on his previous comments, saying Williams could return to the Redskins "sooner rather than later."

September 3: On the latest Hail to the Podcast, Hall shares a segment where Bruce Allen asked Trent: "tell me who to fire and I’ll fire them," in regard to the medical staff. Williams responded with "I don’t want to cost nobody their job. I don’t want to put anybody’s livelihood in my hands."

September 5: Peterson tells the media that Williams is in the D.C. area and that the running back had recently spoken to Trent in person. "He had to come back to take care of some things," Peterson said. "I don't know how long he's going to be in town."

September 8: The Redskins travel to Philadelphia for their Week 1 matchup. Williams remains away from the team.

September 9: Morgan Moses tells The Sports Junkies that there's a '50-50' chance Williams comes back this week. "I know one thing is he's in the best shape he's ever been he's told me," Moses said.

September 11: Peterson tells NBC Sports Washington that him being named the starting running back doesn't affect Trent's return.

September 15: ESPN's Adam Schefter reports that Williams has racked up almost $1.9 million in fines, and Washington does not plan to forgive them. 

September 15: Williams misses the Redskins second game of the season vs. Dallas.

October 29: As Williams holdout continued through the first eight weeks of the NFL season, it didn't seem like a return was happening. That all changed on the day of the NFL Trade Deadline. Tuesday's hectic day began with reports surfacing that the Redskins were making Williams open to trades. But, with an asking price that featured the likes of Cleveland's Denzel Ward, the 4 p.m. deadline came and went with Williams staying put.

But, it did not end there. Shortly after the deadline, it appears that Williams is present at the Redskins facility, per reports. While it's unclear as to what the next step will be. It looks as if the left tackle's holdout may be finally coming to an end.


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In a blowout, Dwayne Haskins and Derrius Guice connect for a meaningful touchdown

USA Today Sports Images

In a blowout, Dwayne Haskins and Derrius Guice connect for a meaningful touchdown

Getting blown out by the New York Jets, one would think that any touchdown the Redskins would potentially score when trailing 34-3 would mean nothing. In most cases, that would be correct.

But when Dwayne Haskins connected with Derrius Guice for a 45-yard score, it was actually a very notable touchdown.

The touchdown is important for multiple reasons. One being that it is Haskins' first NFL touchdown. Making his first home start, the quarterback didn't have the performance many would have hoped for. But, he does now have one touchdown.

While it was the first for Haskins, it was also the first for Guice. The second-year running back who has missed a lot of time with injuries returned for the Week 11 battle and show the playmaking ability that has many excited to see him on the field.

Last, but definitely not least, the score put an end to the horrid touchdown-drought the Redskins had been in. Before Guice crossed the goal line, Washington hadn't scored in 16 quarters. Yes, that is the equivalent to four games.

But alas, the Redskins have a touchdown and so do Haskins and Guice. Sunday was a disappointing day, but at least there was this moment.


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The Redskins played the Jets and everything was awful except Derrius Guice

USA TODAY Sports Images

The Redskins played the Jets and everything was awful except Derrius Guice

The Redskins played the Jets and Washington provided the FedEx Field crowd one of the worst performances in the last decade. 

The team was terrible in nearly every facet. The Jets scored 34 points and somebody named Ryan Griffin had more than 100 yards receiving and a touchdown. 

Washington did have one very legit highlight: Rookie QB Dwayne Haskins connected with second-year RB Derrius Guice for a 45-yard touchdown. Guice did almost all of the work, as it was a screen pass from Haskins, but the running back showed vision and speed going down the sideline and avoiding tacklers as he got into the end zone. And then he connected with Jeremy Sprinkle for a second one a few minutes later. Unfortunately, the game was long over by then.

Beyond that, it was ugly for the Redskins. 

  1. Sam Darnold and the Jets took the opening kickoff and marched down the field for a quick touchdown. It was a sign of things to come, as Darnold finished the first half with three TDs and had four TDs in the game. Darnold carved up the Redskins secondary and frequently had open wide receivers streaking through the middle of the field. Darnold finished the game with 19 completions on 30 attempts with just one interception. Good day.
  2. Coming into the game, the Redskins ranked 31st in the NFL at defending third downs. Washington was giving up first downs on 50 percent of third downs this season, and with five minutes left in the fourth quarter, the Redskins defense was right on track. The Jets had converted five of 10 third downs. The defense was just awful. 
  3. Dwayne Haskins was bad in this game, his second start and his first time at home. Haskins completed 19 of 35 passes and threw a terrible interception in the fourth quarter. There was one incredible play from Haskins, where he connected on a deep pass to Terry McLaurin after scrambling out of the pocket. The throw was gorgeous and showed off Haskins' arm, but in the end, it didn't matter. The play was called back on a holding penalty. 
  4. For the most devoted Redskins fans, here's a bit of good news. Coming into this game the Redskins had not scored a touchdown in more than a month. Well, when Guice got into the end zone, that streak snapped. So congrats.