Trent Williams wants to be traded or released, as soon as possible, and the seven-time Pro Bowl tackle does not believe the Redskins organization is working in "good faith" to find him a new team. 

That, along with the suggestion of possible legal action against Washington, came in a new bombshell statement from Williams' agent Vincent Taylor, delivered via NFL Network's Mike Garafolo

"The relationship between the Redskins and Trent Williams has reached a point where it’s in the best interest that the Redskins trade or release him," Taylor wrote. 

The statement goes on to explain that last year the team was unable or unwilling to trade Williams. This year, after the ouster of Bruce Allen and the installation of new head coach Ron Rivera, the Redskins gave Taylor permission to work out a possible trade.

"Williams’ representatives provided the team with trading options, but the Redskins have shown no interest in negotiating in good faith, and, in fact, have given inconsistent demands on what it wants in return for a trade," Taylor wrote. 

That language started to get pretty heavy, particularly saying Washington is not negotiating in good faith and that trade demands are inconsistent. The language then gets even more serious. 

"Throughout the process, Williams has maintained his silence and not spoken negatively about the team nor has he pursued potential legal actions. This seems to not be a successful strategy. Players who are outwardly critical of the team do get traded."


Potential legal actions. Full stop.

While Williams dealt with a cancerous tumor on his scalp last year, some wondered if a medical malpractice lawsuit was in play for the tackle. Only actual lawyers familiar with the contract language could decide if that sort of case is even possible, and while there hasn't been any lawsuit, it clearly remains a topic of consideration for Williams' representatives. 

Additionally, Taylor wrote that players who are outwardly critical do get traded. It's no secret that he's talking about Quinton Dunbar, who the Redskins traded on Monday to the Seahawks for a fifth-round pick. 

In fact, much of Taylor's letter might be specific to Dunbar's trade, almost suggesting that if the team was willing to let a talented young corner go for a fifth-rounder that they should certainly let Williams go for whatever deal is available. 

Taylor's note finished with: "Although Trent Williams will always love and respect Dan Snyder, his teammates, and the Washington Redskins’ fans, he wants to be traded or released. It’s time for the organization to act in a manner that is in both Williams’ and the team’s best interest."

Therein lies the rub: What's in the best interest for Williams isn't necessarily in the best interest for the Redskins. 

A month ago reports showed the Redskins would deal Williams for a second-round pick. That deal never emerged. Should Washington budge off that desired level of compensation? 

Williams also wants a new contract, he said as much last fall when he spoke to reporters in the Redskins locker room. Reports show that he wants to be paid at the top of the tackle market, and that could command up to $20 million per season. That deal might exist, but it hasn't publicly emerged. Should Williams budge off that desired level of compensation?

It's entirely possible, if not probable, that there are teams out there willing to pay Williams but not send the Redskins a second-round pick. At what point should the Redskins just take what they can get? They did with Dunbar. 

And It's possible that there are teams out there willing to send the Redskins a second-round pick but not pay Williams top of the market money. As great as he is, he will be 32 when the season starts and has dealt with a litany of injuries the last five years, not even including his cancer bout. 

Williams wants out. That much is obvious, and has been for a while. 

The statement from his agent, however, changes the tone of the conversations. Reconciliation is obviously not an option, and in some ways, it sounds like Taylor is threatening the Redskins to trade his client, or else. 

This situation is getting ugly, and it might not be close to finished. 

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