Trent Williams had a cancerous growth for six years that's seriousness was underestimated by team doctors, he told reporters a day after failing his physical because it was too uncomfortable to put on his helmet.

The bombshell news was the latest twist in what's been a drawn-out battle between the team and Williams, who has been holding out since the start of training camp. 

While the left tackle did not publicly speak during his holdout, multiple reports have surfaced that Williams was unpleased with the Redskins organization and vowed to never play for the organization as well.

He reported to the team at Tuesday's trade deadline, but did not participate in practice on Wednesday. 

"I guess nobody really took the time to realize what was going on," Williams said of the cancer, which he said was a rare tissue cancer DSFP. "Football was more important, and to me, it was more important, too. I was told it was something minor, so I didn't really question it.

"The lump continued to grow over the years, and it was concerning," Williams continued. "But there was no pain involved. If I'm getting told by various people who I put my career in the hands of telling me that I'm fine, then I'm fine. That's how I looked at it."

This past offseason, Williams went to go get what he thought was a cyst removed. That's when he found out how serious this situation was.


"I went to go get the cyst extracted, and when they did it, they found out it wasn't a cyst," he said. "[They] told me it was DSFP. That's what the cancer is called. It's a very rare soft tissue cancer. The diagnosis that they gave me in the beginning, they kind of underestimated it."

Williams also spoke about his relationship with his teammates, saying that none visited him for the two weeks he was in the hospital, according to NBC Sports Washington's JP Finlay. His former teammate DeAngelo Hall did visit him.

Williams traveled to Chicago to get his most recent surgery done. The left tackle spoke about how scared he was prior to the operation, and the impact it had on his young daughters. "I was lucky," he told reporters.

During the holdout, Williams stated that there was "no communication" between himself and the front office. He did speak with his teammates throughout the entire process, however.

Williams thanked the Redskins organization, particularly owner Dan Snyder, for everything they've given him over the past decade. He added that the medical mishap was "not [Snyder's] fault."

When asked if he wanted to play football, Williams said he loved football.

"Football has done everything for me," he said.