Trent Williams wants to be traded away from the Washington Redskins, and that should happen this week during the NFL Draft, according to NBC Sports' Peter King.

The NFL Draft starts Thursday night and will run through Saturday evening. Both parties seem interested in Williams' departure, but for the club and the player, the interests are not aligned. Williams wants a new deal and to land in a comfortable location where the Redskins want the best possible draft compensation. 

Sources told NBC Sports Washington last month that the team would not just give away Williams and it wants a second-round pick in return for the seven-time Pro Bowl left tackle. Complicating that matter is Williams' desire for a new contract. He will turn 32 in July and hasn't played a full 16-game season since 2013.

From Williams' standpoint, the Redskins should be flexible about trade compensation so a deal can get done. League sources told NBC Sports Washington that the Redskins would be willing to consider deals that don't offer a second-round pick but rather a combination of compensation equal to a second-rounder, and that could be a package of picks or a pick and a player(s). It's also possible the Redskins could get compensation in next year's draft in return for Williams if that nets a higher pick. 

The notion that the Redskins could keep Williams for the 2020 season - the last year on his current contract - and then recoup a third-round compensatory pick in 2022 has been rebuffed. Because of his accrued service time in the NFL, Williams would net the Redskins just a fifth-round pick via the NFL's compensatory draft pick system, in a provision called the Alan Faneca rule. 



League sources say some NFL teams are pointing to that fifth-round compensatory draft pick provision as a reason the Redskins need to lower their expected compensation for Williams. The flip side of that, however, is that Williams actually playing in 2020 carries a much higher value than simply what a compensatory pick would offer a year later. 

Of course, it makes the most sense for Williams to get traded at some point during the draft. 

There are four rookie tackle prospects that stand out in this draft, and then a collection of players with potential. Still, none of those players grade out as high as Williams. For a team with real Super Bowl aspirations adding Williams could be the type of move that changes an offense. Even for a team without Super Bowl aspirations but rather trying to improve, Williams helps immediately. 

The Redskins also need more draft picks. 

The team doesn't have a second-round selection after using that to move up for pass rusher Montez Sweat last season, and new coach Ron Rivera looks to be in the early stages of a comprehensive roster rebuild. 

Williams wants out. That's crystal clear, especially considering he already sat out all of 2019. 

Of disgruntled players, Rivera famously said during his Panthers tenure, "If they're not all in, if they're not willing to do it your way, it's time to f----- get rid of those guys."

According to sources, Washington will remain patient this week, waiting for a team to realize that Williams at left tackle this fall has more value than a Friday night draft pick or a collection of early Saturday picks. He just does. When that offer emerges, the Redskins will be ready to make the deal. 

And if that offer doesn't come, then the subplot of Williams against the Redskins that has already dragged on for more than a year will just continue to linger. Neither side wants that.