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Trent Williams 'likely to get traded' during NFL Draft, per report

Trent Williams 'likely to get traded' during NFL Draft, per report

Trent Williams wants to be traded away from the Washington Redskins, and that should happen this week during the NFL Draft, according to NBC Sports' Peter King.

The NFL Draft starts Thursday night and will run through Saturday evening. Both parties seem interested in Williams' departure, but for the club and the player, the interests are not aligned. Williams wants a new deal and to land in a comfortable location where the Redskins want the best possible draft compensation. 

Sources told NBC Sports Washington last month that the team would not just give away Williams and it wants a second-round pick in return for the seven-time Pro Bowl left tackle. Complicating that matter is Williams' desire for a new contract. He will turn 32 in July and hasn't played a full 16-game season since 2013.

From Williams' standpoint, the Redskins should be flexible about trade compensation so a deal can get done. League sources told NBC Sports Washington that the Redskins would be willing to consider deals that don't offer a second-round pick but rather a combination of compensation equal to a second-rounder, and that could be a package of picks or a pick and a player(s). It's also possible the Redskins could get compensation in next year's draft in return for Williams if that nets a higher pick. 

The notion that the Redskins could keep Williams for the 2020 season - the last year on his current contract - and then recoup a third-round compensatory pick in 2022 has been rebuffed. Because of his accrued service time in the NFL, Williams would net the Redskins just a fifth-round pick via the NFL's compensatory draft pick system, in a provision called the Alan Faneca rule. 


League sources say some NFL teams are pointing to that fifth-round compensatory draft pick provision as a reason the Redskins need to lower their expected compensation for Williams. The flip side of that, however, is that Williams actually playing in 2020 carries a much higher value than simply what a compensatory pick would offer a year later. 

Of course, it makes the most sense for Williams to get traded at some point during the draft. 

There are four rookie tackle prospects that stand out in this draft, and then a collection of players with potential. Still, none of those players grade out as high as Williams. For a team with real Super Bowl aspirations adding Williams could be the type of move that changes an offense. Even for a team without Super Bowl aspirations but rather trying to improve, Williams helps immediately. 

The Redskins also need more draft picks. 

The team doesn't have a second-round selection after using that to move up for pass rusher Montez Sweat last season, and new coach Ron Rivera looks to be in the early stages of a comprehensive roster rebuild. 

Williams wants out. That's crystal clear, especially considering he already sat out all of 2019. 

Of disgruntled players, Rivera famously said during his Panthers tenure, "If they're not all in, if they're not willing to do it your way, it's time to f----- get rid of those guys."

According to sources, Washington will remain patient this week, waiting for a team to realize that Williams at left tackle this fall has more value than a Friday night draft pick or a collection of early Saturday picks. He just does. When that offer emerges, the Redskins will be ready to make the deal. 

And if that offer doesn't come, then the subplot of Williams against the Redskins that has already dragged on for more than a year will just continue to linger. Neither side wants that. 


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Ten new fan-generated logo and uniform designs for Redskins name change

Ten new fan-generated logo and uniform designs for Redskins name change

While the Redskins conduct a thorough review of the team’s name, avid fans have taken to social media to speculate about potential replacement nicknames and logos for the team.

Some names have certainly emerged as the frontrunners as fans creatively repurpose the burgundy and gold in new designs.

NBC Sports Washington has tracked these fan-generated names and logos over the past week, but here are some of the newest creations to grace the internet. 

Red Stallions


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So, I've been thinking a lot about this rebrand for the Redskins. First off, I think it's damn late...but I'm glad they're finally taking action. They've got a few cool new names in the running: RedHawks, Red Tails and personal favorite. With football being the ultimate team sport, I think having a Spartan as the mascot makes a ton of sense and I'd totally dig seeing one on the side of a helmet. I also wanted to showcase some creative typography...I get a lot of shit for my stuff looking like college logos but hey, I think some of their concepts have so much creativity as opposed to the corporate creativity of the NFL. Ah well, there's a place for everything I guess! 😂 With that, I put together my take on the Warriors of Washington. I decided to show both my logo concept as well as a new helmet and even throw in a new way of presenting the name as opposed to just "Washington Warriors". Anyway, that's my lengthy explanation. Don't forget to SWIPE to see the helmet! Hope y'all dig it. ✌️🔥✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻 #redskins #warriors #redskinsnation #washingtonwarriors

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Red Wolves

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Another idea for the team name that has gained a lot of steam in the last few weeks is the Washington Red Wolves. This is a great name in my opinion. It’s original and we can keep HTTR which are my biggest requirements. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Follow @always.redskins for all things redskins - - - #Redskins #RedskinsFootball #MontezSweat #NFLOffseason #SocialMediaMarketing #Sports #LandonCollins #RedskinsCountry #FootballNews #HailToTheRedskins #RedskinsUnited #HTTR #DerriusGuice #DwayneHaskins #RedskinsNation #NFL #BallisLife #WashingtonDC #HTTR4Life #ChaseYoung #Marketing #TerryMcLaurin #KendallFuller #RedskinsFamily #WashingtonRedskins #HTTRNation #NFLUpdate #Football #RedskinsPride #HTTR🏈

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Fred Smoot totally convinced me. Let's call this team the Washington Red Wolves

Fred Smoot totally convinced me. Let's call this team the Washington Red Wolves

At first, I was a Red Tails guy. Then, I was sort of a nothing guy. But now, after spending about 30 rambunctious minutes on a Thursday Zoom call with Fred Smoot — who apparently consumed a two gallon jug of 5-hour Energy before joining our Redskins Talk & Friends Facebook show — I've found my pack to run with. 

When the Washington Redskins settle on a new name, that new name needs to be the Washington Red Wolves.


I at first dismissed this specific candidate in this race. To me, it sounded like a fifth grade basketball team or the result of someone pulling out two slips of paper from a hat — one with a color and one with a random animal — and saying, "THIS is the choice."

But Smoot, who has been leading this movement from the start, has officially convinced me. I'm now, at long last, feeling an attachment to one of the many, many suggestions for the franchise's next era. And it's because of all the sweet things that could come from changing the Redskins to the Red Wolves.

Imagine a packed stadium (yes, I know that's hard because of the pandemic and because FedEx Field is a lot of words yet packed is rarely among them, but just work with me here) of fans howling after a huge third down stop. 

Clapping and cheering? Screw those celebrations. Those are so outdated. They're so boring. At Red Wolves home games, people bay at the moon when Chase Young drops Dak Prescott.   

That's where Smoot really hooked me.

Under this potential name, Washington could finally have a real and unique atmosphere again. The stadium could be nicknamed The Wilderness. The Jumobtron will have growling sounds emanating from it constantly. There's truly no such thing as too much growling.

But that's not the only part of his compelling sales pitch.

Think of the uniform and logo potential as well. Think about it!!!

Yes, Redskins supporters will surely miss the look of their favorite team, one that they've gotten used to over decades and decades of Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays. But that longing for the past will last all of four seconds when Terry McLaurin comes sprinting out of the tunnel in some threads that look like this...:

...and meets his teammates at a midfield that looks something similar to this: 

Switching to the Red Wolves would also allow some of the key traditions, like the "HTTR" mantra and familiar color scheme, to remain. Even the fight song (with some slight touching up) could stick around.

Plus, it already has the endorsement from one key Redskin in Jonathan Allen. He wouldn't mind referring to the team's digs as The Den (I still think The Wilderness is better, but I'm a blogger and he's an NFL D-tackle, so it's obvious who's winning that one) and, overall, called the idea "fire."

Allen is correct. Smoot is correct. Every Twitter user I initially scoffed at is correct (but I'll keep scoffing at a lot of you regardless). 

For 80-plus years, this area's beloved football team has been the Redskins. It sure feels like that chapter is coming to a close, though.

So, when the new one begins, I hope it centers around the Red Wolves. And I hope it centers around them for 800-plus years, too. Maybe even 8,000.