Trent Williams reported to the Redskins on Tuesday afternoon but the veteran left tackle does not intend to play for Washington this season, sources tell NBC Sports Washington.

Williams held out the first eight games of the season and reported to the Redskins just before his eligibility for the 2019 season to count towards his contract expired. By reporting, Williams will only have the 2020 season remaining on his current contract. If Williams had not reported and was not traded, then he would still be under contract with the Redskins for two seasons.

Multiple reports have shown that Williams will never play again for the Redskins, and one source said that a reconciliation between the player and the organization seems like a “real long shot.”

What happens next will be interesting.

Williams has to undergo a physical with Redskins’ medical staff, the same staff he reportedly lost trust in last year when he dealt with a tumor on his scalp.

To get on the field, Williams would need to prove he’s in football shape even beyond the scalp issue.

It’s possible the Redskins try to put Williams on an exempt list of some sort; perhaps the Non-Football Injury list. Currently Williams is on the Exempt/Did Not Report list, which obviously needs to change since he reported.

Williams wanted out of Washington for months. The Redskins didn’t trade him, and now he’s back. The safe guess is that it’s a begrudging return and not something that will have a storybook ending, whenever that may come.