When it comes to dribbling footballs, Tress Way is Allen Iverson. I, meanwhile, am not.

The Redskins punter is supremely talented, and his talents aren't just limited to kicking. He's a nasty ping pong player, terrific golfer and trivia guru.

He also can handle a football like it's a basketball. Watch Way during any downtime at a Redskins practice, and you'll likely see him pulling off his signature trick — throwing a ball straight into the ground and getting it to return to his hands like it's on a string.

The specialist makes it look easy. Unbelievably easy, in fact, as if it's totally normal for an oblong object to bounce like that.

So, one day after a training camp practice in Richmond, he came over to try and teach me how to pull it off (check out the video above to see how it unfolded).

It was gracious of him to attempt to educate me. He was patient and knowledgeable, going as far as to explain how the ball has different sections on it like the "upper flexius monotonous" (no, he definitely didn't make that term up) and how those sections matter for successfully completing the move. 

What he was saying made sense (well, mostly). And, again, Way does it so casually that you think it should be casual for you, too.

After multiple attempts, however, something I already knew became even more clear: I'm not as athletic as an NFL athlete. I'm a blogger. Way is not.


Because of this experience, I have a much greater appreciation for what I thought was a simple little maneuver. Hopefully you do as well.

Now, stay tuned for our next segment, where I teach Tress how to spend too much money on golf gear or how to buy gas only when the fuel gauge is on 'E.' Those are the things I'm good at, which sadly aren't as cool as the things he can do.