The wait was worth it. 

Trey Quinn's only been healthy for a few games this season, but in those few games, he's punctuated key plays with terrific celebrations. And those instances prompted a big question: What would he do once he got into the end zone?

Well, on Thursday in the Redskins-Cowboys Thanksgiving game, the world found out. 

He didn't disappoint.

After making a very tough, leaping grab of a Colt McCoy pass in the third quarter, Quinn got up, made his way to the end line and paid tribute to The Office star Michael Scott by doing "The Scarn":

The Office fans will recognize Quinn's dance from Scott's passion project "Threat Level Midnight."

In what ended up being a disastrous quarter for the Redskins, watching the rookie do "The Scarn" was one thing to be thankful for.