Charge up your phones, get your group chats organized and be on the lookout for any news alert, because the Trent Williams trade watch is in full effect with the NFL's trade deadline now within reach.

According to reports, the Redskins are at least open to the idea of moving their star left tackle, after months of indicating otherwise. So, what could Washington expect in return?

Well, there's a good chance they'd get a draft pick or draft picks in a swap involving Williams. However, the Burgundy and Gold may also want a proven pro. 

Going off of that second thought, the Redskins Talk podcast tossed some ideas around of who that could be, focusing on Browns players, because that's the franchise that's been pursuing Williams for a while now. Here's a transcript of that conversation:

JP Finlay: It's got to be a serious player.

John Keim: It's got to be a serious player, and I don't know what that would be. We can all look at [the Browns roster] and say who are the serious guys?

Mitch Tischler: OBJ!

JP: Right. We don't have to dance around it.

John: I have no clue if they'd do that, and I don't know what else it would take.


JP: I do know it's a combustible situation, with the Browns losing and between Baker and OBJ. We're starting to get [their] first shots at one another.

Mitch: And Landon Collins and OBJ have a good relationship from their time in New York. 

John: I think you have to look at why might a guy be available, and how can [the Redskins] then pounce? Because that's what, when you look at these moves over the past year, with these big name guys, there's always some reason why. OBJ getting traded out of New York, you knew that there were some issues there... If [the Redskins] can go out there and say, 'Listen, yeah, we'll trade [Williams] right now for [Beckham Jr.] plus this,' then maybe you can see that. I think if it's just a draft pick, unless you're getting a top offer, a really good offer, I'd be more inclined to wait until the offseason, too.

(Later on in the discussion)

Mitch: Here's my question, as we talk about this Player X. Does it have to have a certain sexiness to get a deal done for the Redskins? Like, if it was for a future right guard, right tackle, a better right tackle, does that get it done?

JP: I see what you're saying, if it's an interior lineman or something —

Mitch: If it's a very good player who's not a sexy name. 

JP: The way I understand it is, 'We need a playmaker for Dwayne for our future.' 

John: That's absolutely right. 

JP: John, we've talked about this not publicly for months, there has been active discussions about adding playmakers for a while. Since before the draft. So, I think if anything's really going to happen here, that's how it goes down.

(Later on in the discussion)

JP: The other name, obviously, is [David] Njoku with the Browns. Considering the tight end situation here. 

John: My God, do they need a tight end here right now.

JP: It's killing them. It's killing them.

John: They have one legit weapon and then a couple other guys you can scheme open. The inability to have a tight end who separates and the lack of eyeballs that have to get paid to the tight end [hurts]. When you had Jordan Reed out there, you'd get two guys going with him and it always opened it up for someone else. Even Vernon can do that.

JP: [Njoku's] also on I.R.

John: Well, [the trade would be] for next year.