NBC Sports NFL analyst Chris Simms is ranking the Top 40 quarterbacks for the 2019 season on his podcast "Unbuttoned," and Redskins QBs Colt McCoy and Dwayne Haskins wound up next to each other...on the back end of the list.

Simms ranks McCoy No. 39, only ahead of Chargers quarterback Tyrod Taylor, with Haskins slotting in at No. 38.

“I think highly of Colt McCoy. I do in a lot of ways," Simms said. "Stats and numbers and everything like that aren’t going to say the whole story about Colt McCoy.”

“The biggest problem with Colt McCoy is when he’s gotten the chance to really start or play and you go, ‘Oh, here he goes. He might be the starter here,’ – he’s gotten hurt a few times throughout his career, you know, twice with Washington as he’s going to have a chance really to kind of take over. So I think that’s really been the biggest downfall.”

On Haskins, Simms hints his low ranking is due to his status as a rookie, explaining that he believes the Ohio State product could significantly rise up the charts if he plays well this season.

“Really has superstar potential," Simms said. "You’ve heard me … compare him to guys like Ben Roethlisberger. It’s a very similar style of play.”

“I’ve got like an asterisk next to him because this is a guy that could be – yeah, he’s 38th right now but, gosh, if I had to re-rank half way through the year and he’s the starting quarterback and blowing me away, he could be in the top 20 because he has that type of talent.”


Simms hasn't revealed where the Redskins' other QB, Case Keenum, winds up on his list yet. The trio of McCoy, Haskins, and Keenum is expected to compete for the starting job in Washington.