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Urban Meyer knows Dwayne Haskins, having recruited and coached him at Ohio State. Meyer believes in Haskins, too, but the coach also thinks the young quarterback must correct one thing to continue to improve in the NFL.

"Dwayne likes the social media," Meyer told NBC Sports Washington's JP Finlay in an exclusive interview. "He's all over the social media. I worry about that a little bit."

As a way for Haskins to change his social media habits, his former head coach suggested he look to the greatest QB of all-time as an example.

"I like the Tom Brady approach," Meyer said. "Just focus on your team."

Throughout his NFL career, Brady developed a reputation for putting the team above himself, despite being the best at his position. He often signed contracts for less than what his actual value was, in order for the team to spend money in other areas to make the overall roster better. As a result, the Patriots won six Super Bowls with Brady under center.

That applies to social media as well. Before this past season, Brady did not have an active Twitter account. It's worth noting he's been more active on social media now than ever, but he's also accomplished practically everything a player can in the NFL. Nobody will be questioning Brady's Internet presence.



Haskins is one of the more active Redskins players on social media on both Twitter and Instagram. These aren't new tendencies, as he's been an active social media user since his high school days.

Multiple rumors swirled a season ago that the old Redskins' regime was concerned with Haskins' maturity. Those concerns were made more public when the then-rookie was spotted taking a selfie with a fan at the end of the Redskins Week 12 victory over the Lions, which caused Haskins to miss the final kneel down. He later apologized for the incident and insisted it will never happen again.

Being on social media too often is not a difficult problem to fix, and it's one that Meyer thinks Haskins will be able to do "as he continues to mature." Additionally, Meyer complimented Haskins for how he played to finish the season.

"I think he had a good year," Meyer said. "He was on a really bad team, and they got competitive when he was in there."

Meyer's comments support a claim he made last week, saying Haskins will be a great quarterback if the Redskins surround him with talented players. As a rookie, Haskins was thrown into a tough situation that lacked many offensive weapons. Additionally, he was drafted by a head coach whose timeline did not match up with his at all.

Even with struggles earlier in the season, Haskins started to show signs towards the end of the year that he could be a solid QB in the future.

"The NFL needs the Redskins to be good again," Meyer said. "Dwayne's got to be that guy."

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