Much like how safety Landon Collins said he laughs at the prediction that had the Redskins at 3-13 in 2019, rapper Wale has the same type of energy.

The DMV native and die-hard D.C. sports fan was in attendance at training camp on Saturday to get an up-close look at his favorite football team. From what he saw on the field, he's not thinking that prediction is very accurate.

"A lot better than that," Wale said to NBC Sports Washington's JP Finlay about how he thinks the team will fare in the upcoming season. "That's why they play the game, right?"

"I mean I can see the energy. Just looking at the secondary over there I can just see the energy and the synergy that they're playing with together," Wale added. "It don't look like a 3-13 team to me. But, you know, that's why they play the game."

Besides being a fan of the team, Wale is also close with a good amount of the players on the team. As a big component of the culture in D.C. and a constant supporter of the Redskins, he's built many relationships.

"Absolutely. Vernon, D. Haskins. A lot of guys, pretty much everybody that's been here for like five or six years," Wale said.

As a fan and friend of Haskins, Wale got to see him compete in the midst of a quarterback battle. Based on his videos on social media, the rapper was impressed with what he saw.

However, while Haskins is a close friend of his, Wale remains logical and football-focused when it comes to determining who should be the starting quarterback come Week 1. He understands that Haskins will be the man at some point, but he wants to make sure it happens at the right time.


"I think we know who the franchise guy is going to be but it's just a matter of when we want to put him in the fire," Wale said. "It's a slippery slope with a young quarterback, throw him in too early it might change him a little bit. You don't want to leave nobody that's going to win you games on the bench, though."

In addition to Haskins, Wale also mentioned that he has a relationship with Trent Williams as well. Like many others, he'd like to see him back, but he doesn't have any inside information and understands the dilemma.

"That's between the team and Trent, man," Wale said. "He's gotta handle his business."

Being someone that has gone through some rough seasons as a Redskins fan and was too young to really enjoy the Super Bowl victories, Wale's best memories have come from the likes of Clinton Portis and his touchdown run on his first carry as a Redskin and Robert Griffin III's special 2012 season.

In 2019, he's hoping to have more good memories like that and leave the 3-13 prediction as just that.